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Don – Vietnam Vet – Part Two - March 7, 2011

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Continuing a 7-part special by Richard F. Kontz on a Vietnam Vet he met while running the Bread of Life Christian Bookstore in 2015 through mid-2011.

So, after that first initial contact with Don I knew the following things:  A - He was a recovering alcoholic; B - He had previously worked in recovery ministry in...

‘Creating Memories’

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Scam alert: RMCHCS patients receiving ‘false calls’

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Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services has just learned of a scam that targets RMCHCS patients with false telephone calls.

Caller ID shows that the phone call is from RMCHCS, when in fact, scammers are hoping to perpetrate a scam on the recipient. Somehow hackers are now able to plug in any phone number and contact people under false pretenses.

These incidents are occurring across the country and often show familiar or important sources such as hospitals or police departments when they are actually coming from un-reputable marketers wanting to sell something or extract personal information.

RMCHCS is very sorry that our community has been hit by these scams.


RMCHCS, Gallup Boys and Girls Club team launches Bikes-For-Kids

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Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services and the Gallup Boys and Girls Club are fixing up old, broken bicycles and converting them into mountain bikes that will blaze trails in the local hills. So far five bikes have been refurbished with 30 being worked on which will be ridden by 30 Gallup youths ages 5-14 who have signed up for the club’s summer program.

The “Fix Bikes for Kids” program began in June and is designed to provide exercise and fun for Gallup’s younger residents, leveraging the areas’ expansive and adventurous landscape while building a spirit of competition and comradery. However, the goal is also to address the high rate of diabetes. In 2016...

Local youth to star in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Fairies, magic and mischief abounds

What happens when mortals stumble upon the realm of fairies? Magic and mischief abound in William Shakespeare’s classic play, now adapted to the stage for young performers.

Children and adolescents should have the opportunity to benefit from an arts education program that is exciting, educational, and meaningful. Gallup Repertory Theater aims to establish such an education. They aim to offer students a space in which they can foster their theatrical aspirations with the guidance of our own ensemble crew.

With the aid and support of dedicated actors, playwrights, and directors within our ensemble, students will be introduced to various aspects of...

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