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Strengthening Nations hosts first telethon

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Fundraising for new shelter

Domestic violence can occur anywhere, and victims may not be willing to speak publicly about the abuse they face. However, there are groups that are willing to give victims the support and resources they need to recover.

Strengthening Nations is one of those groups. Founded in 2019 by Pat...

Beautifying downtown Gallup

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Artist Jerry Brown has just finished a mural in downtown Gallup entitled Resilience.

It can be viewed at 214 W. Aztec Ave. in the alley on the side of Dental Innovations.

Brown, who says his Diné culture influences his work, describes the mural on the gallupmainstreet.org web site.

“The birds are all found in our region of New Mexico. The Bluebird is made up of cool colors, It represents joy, happiness, and peace. The Varied Thrush is made up of warm colors,” he said in his description. “It is a symbol of speaking our truth and to pay attention to the language we use. The Hummingbird is painted in vibrant in colors. It represents good luck.

“The bee is a symbol of...

‘Finding Home’ through oil painting

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Second part of shared exhibit at ART123

The Sun ran a story on a shared exhibit at the ART123 gallery in its Oct. 16 issue. After learning about one medium and subject in one exhibit, the gallery chose to inform visitors of more techniques through the second part of that exhibit, entitled Finding Home.

In Finding Home, painter Dana Aldis captures the Gallup landscape and the various textures, characters and charm she has found there. Aldis has been exploring the region’s back roads for unfamiliar vistas and to document abandoned buildings, historic mine shafts, and more hidden gems which reveal the complexity of the landscape’s beauty.

Gallup Arts Executive Director Rose...

The joys, trials, sorrows of reservation life set to music

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Razor Saltboy to release his fourth album on Pineland Records

CRYSTAL, N.M.—Razor Saltboy has finished recording 12  songs for his new album, Love Me (Now Until Forever), his fourth release on Pineland Records. The album is now in the mixing stage and will be mastered prior to the release of a compact disc later this fall.

“I’m really excited about this album and the work of love that we put into it. I am looking forward to the release of the CD. I hope the songs on the album will touch people.  Maybe someone somewhere will identify with a story, a message, or the lyrics of one of the songs that it will mean something to that person,” Saltboy said.

The album contains 12...

It’s time for Children’s Church at The Door

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It was fun, laughter, and puppets at the reopening of the Children’s Church service at The Door Gallup Christian Fellowship Church located at 2133 Cipriano Drive, Gallup, on Oct. 11. Kids along with their parents eagerly awaited the start up of the Children’s Church for the first time since the pandemic. Regular church services had begun again, but the Children’s Church was still on stand-by.

Until the reopening, virtual Children’s Church was held online during these past months. Taking over the usual evening service by young adult church workers, leaders engaged the audience to sing with them and demonstrated how the children would...

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