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GCS’s Karen Alexander awarded Teacher of the Month

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Alexander teaches to the student, not the test

Karen Alexander, a seventh to twelfth-grade teacher at Gallup Christian School, is Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe’s  Teacher of the Month for April. Hailing from Weatherford, Okla., Alexander made her way to Gallup with her family and brought along her passion for teaching...

Sandia’s program inspires science career dreams for American Indian students

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ALBUQUERQUE — Sandia National Laboratories will bring hands-on science and engineering activities—like a LEGO robotics class—to a hundred New Mexico middle and high school students the week of April 13. The activities are part of Sandia’s Dream Catchers Science Program, held this year at the University of New Mexico-Gallup campus.

Dream Catchers is designed for American Indian students in grades six through 12 and promotes involvement in science, technology, engineering and math and seeks to increase American Indian student interest in a variety of STEM careers.

The program was launched in 1991 by Sandia’s American Indian Outreach Committee, now led by Ben Mar. He has...

Fiscal policy group reacts to governor’s statement on revenue spike

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ALBUQUERQUE — James Jimenez, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, issued the following statement regarding Governor’s Martinez’s press release on the recent revenue spike:

“The announcement of a surplus in our state budget from oil and gas revenue is good news for New Mexico’s children—for now. Unfortunately, without some foundational changes to our tax systems, these good times are not likely to last.

“Less than one year ago, lawmakers were scrambling to pay for basic services like schools, roads, and public safety. New Mexico has become too reliant on the oil and gas industry to fund these services, which has created boom-or-bust cycles for our economy...

Saluting Gallup’s first-known female infantry enlistee in the U.S. Army

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Pam Dabbs wants to be all she can be

Pamela Dabbs says she hopes to one day study at a major university and become a nurse or surgeon, but come this summer, she will be tackling another ambitious goal—that of joining the U.S. Army.

“It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time and it’s something that I want to do,” Dabbs, 19, and a senior at Gallup High School, said. “I’ve talked to a lot of people about the decision and what it means. I’ve already enlisted and I’m planning to leave after I graduate.”

Dabbs is a Gallup native and one of the few females in the state of New Mexico wanting to join a military infantry unit. An infantry soldier is trained in...

Gallup cleanup group plans for Earth Day

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‘A CLEAN GALLUP’ aims to beautify the city

With the proliferation of disposable items like empty bottles and plastic bags, it’s easy for litter and garbage to pile up. One group of Gallup citizens is looking for ways to do their part and reduce that load, through community involvement and organized pick-up events.

The Facebook group “A Clean Gallup” is currently 1,300 members strong. Labor Persinger, who has lived in Gallup for 25 years, created the page as a way to combat what he sees as a litter problem in the city.

The group formed after an art show, when those involved went out and picked up trash in an effort to turn into art.

“We found that a lot of the trash was...

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