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A Democrat’s take on the Democratic Forum

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Recently, the McKinley County Democrats hosted the Democratic candidates for Congress at a congenial Town Hall in Gallup. Seven of the nine candidates were available to answer questions. An estimated 100 people attended.

The candidates in attendance were Teresa Leger Fernandez, a Santa Fe attorney whose work is assisting...

Guaranteeing good tasting, safe water at the tap

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There is a tremendous effort put forth by water systems all over the country to provide safe and clean water to their customers. Of course upsets and mistakes do happen. Flint, Michigan is a horrendous example of how not to do it. But individual families can provide a firewall at their kitchen sinks to stop any contaminants that might get that far. The solution is a simple triple filter available from plumbers and hardware stores. This filter gets rid of 95% of everything in the water. The first filter is a particle filter that removes any particles that are still in the water. The second filter is an activated carbon filter that removes items that can cause taste or odor issues and the...

Stop obsessing over your muffin top

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Yes, it happens to the best of us. Aging often brings on the muffin top. That jiggly piece of stomach that is squishy and squeezy. Also called belly fat, waistline flab, or roly-poly guacamole. Tight pants accentuate the tummy roll. Body-hugging shirts highlight the puffy pouch. The spare tire in the middle gets a lot of flack.

“Any woman can get a muffin top. But women are more likely to gain excess belly weight – especially deep inside the belly – as they go through perimenopause and into menopause, when their menstrual cycle ends. That’s because as estrogen levels drop, body fat is redistributed from the hips, thighs, and buttocks (where it used to be stored as a fuel...

Examining barriers to climate action

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N. M. senators concentrate on how to respond

WASHINGTON, D.C.  - U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., and Tom Udall, D-N.M., participated in the Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis’ hearing titled, “Dark Money and Barriers to Climate Action” Oct. 29.  The committee heard about anonymous funding of climate obstruction and what can be done to fight it from experts at top universities and government watchdog groups.

Udall, lead sponsor of the For the People Act, and Heinrich, a member of the Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis, introduced the Democracy for All Amendment, a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v...

Science Corner: Who’s responsible for global warming?

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Pogo was right – We have met the enemy and he is us

Who’s responsible for all this global warming/climate change? Recently, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was criticized by a climate activist when she proposed working with the oil and gas industry to reduce methane emissions. The activist accused the governor of working with “the enemy.” Is the oil and gas industry really an enemy? I believe it was Albert Camus who aptly stated - we are all innocent, even if we have to blame the whole human race and heaven and hell.

First, if they are the enemy, just stop buying gas and oil. Where does that get us? But in fact we ourselves are the enemy if there is one. According to the...

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