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Gov. statement on presidential election

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Over the course of this election season, New Mexicans – and the American people – exercised their right to vote in remarkable numbers. The greatest turnout in the history of our state, and the unprecedented enthusiasm from across the political spectrum, serve as a resounding demonstration of the strength of our...

Behind the scenes at the Bureau of Elections

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How the votes get counted in McKinley County

John Quincy Adams agreed with Jefferson on one fundamental principal, government derived its legitimacy from the consent of the governed.  The rule of the ballot box.

Elections involve a lot more than voting and it’s not easy. There’s a lot that goes into making voting a successful venture for the ordinary citizen. I got an inside look when I signed up as a challenger representing a political party. Challengers from each political party are allowed by law to observe on a limited basis the “behind the scenes” of the voting process. The infrastructure and effort that is involved is substantial and was an eye-opener for me. Here are...

Native women make their own decisions

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The voices and experiences of Native communities have been missing from federal, state and local conversations about reproductive health. That has never been more true than on Monday {Oct. 26] when another conservative anti-abortion justice was confirmed to the Supreme Court--even though ground-breaking research shows that Native Americans, like the majority of all Americans, support reproductive freedom.

Native Americans believe in the reproductive justice values of self-determination and body sovereignty, respect in healthcare decision making, and reproductive healthcare access for all people. We deserve a Supreme Court that’s not in conflict with our values.

According to the...

Joe Biden had plenty of chances to deliver prosperity, and he failed repeatedly

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If Joe Biden was actually going to do something to improve our standard of living, he would have done it already.

In less than one-tenth the time that Biden has spent in Washington, President Trump has delivered extraordinary prosperity and a viable path for a quick return to our pre-COVID peak. Biden, on the other hand, has left a trail of human misery in his wake throughout his decades in the Senate and his eight years as Vice President of the United States.

In just his first three years in office, Donald Trump delivered a drop in New Mexico’s unemployment rate from 6.3 percent to 4.8 percent, the lowest figure since before the 2008 financial crisis. Unlike the discouragingly...

Letter to the Editor: Every day is Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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In Jan. 2019, “Indigenous Peoples Day” was declared an official New Mexico state holiday. In 2019, it was truly historic in the fact that (former) Mayor Jackie McKinney and Navajo Nation Council delegate Edmund Yazzie both took time to acknowledge the place we have in this world-wide movement at our Celebration Site in Gallup. With 574 federally recognized “American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and villages in the U.S.” it is a fitting role for Gallup, the “Indian Capital of the World.”

On Sept. 27, 2016, the City of Gallup passed Resolution/Proclamation R2016–40, declaring the second Monday of October as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” into perpetuity...

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