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Missing person cases shrouded in mystery

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Elta Yazzie holds a flier for her son, Delvin, who has been missing for almost four years.  Photo Credit: Kimberly Gaona Harrison family suspect foul play

GALLUP – There are few things in this world that are more disturbing, more catastrophic than a loved one going missing with the constant wonder, worry and waiting. Those left behind are stuck with a choice to either keep up the search for what could be years, or decades, or to...

Martinez signs outdoor-related bills

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SANTA FE  —  Gov. Susana Martinez signed a series of game and fish-related bills that will improve outdoor recreation and allow aquaponic farming of tilapia April 2.

“New Mexico has amazing outdoor recreation opportunities, especially hunting and fishing. They are a core part of our state’s tourism industry and support our local economies throughout the state,” Martinez said. “These bills will further improve these opportunities and help support a growing commercial sector in the state.”

House Bill 202, sponsored by Representative Alonzo Baldonado (R-Los Lunas), allows certain minor game and fish violations to be disposed of by agreeing to pay a penalty without having to...

Frauds, scams, cheats: Buyer beware

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Fake checks from real bank accounts and businesses have been sent via FedEx and priority  mail to two local deputies. Photo Credit: Kimberly A. Gaona  Fake $100 bill circulated at flea mart

The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public to be aware of the growing rate of fraudulent activity after two deputies became the latest targets of a scam. Lieutenant James Maiorano said that two separate deputies had received checks made out to them for well over $1,000. They immediately brought them into the department and started investigating.

Maiorano said that they contacted the banks and were told that the account numbers were correct, but that the company that had sent the checks had gone out of business.

“All that comes in the envelope is a check with your name on it, no instructions,” he said.

It is unclear how...

Nihigaal Bee Iina: A modern day Navajo scouting party

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Three-year-old Essiem Vandever of Haystack, NM, is the youngest member of Nihigaal Bee Iina. Her father, Ira Vandever, said Essiem is part of the walk so she will learn and remember that the females are the voice of the people. “It would be a revolution if we allowed the women to be the voice of the people and the federal and Navajo governments,” he said. Photo Credit: Marley Shebala Dine’ people advocate for environmental and social change

Nihigaal Bee Iiana has been called a modern day Navajo scouting party and it recently made an overnight stop in Gallup.

Nihigaal Bee Iina or “Journey for Existence” started as an environmental pilgrimage to the Four Sacred Mountains of the Navajo reservation. The spiritual movement has continued to evolve into an environmental and human rights effort.

As the small group of young Dine’ (Navajo) women and men walked across the eastern part of the reservation, they soon realized that the people, including children and youth, that they were meeting along their journey were pouring out their hearts to them about not...

Native group protests for justice, equal rights

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Charmayne Toadlena, 13, of St. Michaels, Ariz.,and Shania Toadlena, 14, also of St. Michaels, sisters, and their cousin-sister, Michelle Cook of Oak Springs, Ariz.,were part of an April 4, 2015,demonstration and memorial along Route 66 in Gallup, NM, for 170 individuals who have died of unnatural causes in Gallup since July, 2013. Cook, who held her right hand in the power sign, is a UNM Law School student. Photo Credit: Marley Shebala It was April 4, the first weekend of the month and, as usual, the city streets were packed with vehicles and people filled the sidewalks. But there were other sounds and sights.

About 50 people walked down Route 66 chanting, “Hey Gallup, you can’t hide, you support genocide.”

Melanie Yazzie, a co-founder of The Red Nation, said, “We’re here today to tell the city of Gallup to tell its economic system that profits off of our deaths, we are reclaiming this space as indigenous space.

“I’m here on behalf of The Red Nation,” said Yazzie. “We demand to thrive, just not survive. We demand life, not just death. And we don’t demand just respect, we demand that the...

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