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Deswood Tome's picks: Top 5 best stories of 2017

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Memorial Day story coverage tops this list

1. “Memorial Day in full bloom” by Tom Hartsock. With this piece, the Sun captured the spirit of the veteran holiday while showcasing its importance.

The number of participants illustrates that fallen soldiers are acknowledged for their service in keeping America safe...

Bernie Dotson's picks: Top 5 best stories of 2017

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1. “GPD officers cleared in Sylversmythe shooting” by Bernie Dotson. Reportedly, the 300 pound-plus Sylversmythe lunged at several officers with a knife that he wielded as a weapon. The incident happened in the wee hours of the morning at Gallup Housing Authority’s Arnold Street complex in the summer of 2016.

2. “Tohatchi wins NM 3A championship” by Bernie Dotson.

The Tohatchi girls basketball team won the New Mexico 3A state basketball championship behind 20 points by junior point guard Kalian Mitchell and 18 points by Cheyenne Begay. The team is one of the best in the history of state sports. Now a senior, Mitchell made all-state in the 8th grade and has made first...

Dee Velasco: Top 5 best stories of 2017

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Photographer’s picks: Top 5 best photos of 2017

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Boderra Joe's picks: Top 5 best stories of 2017

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Wrapping up 2017 with just five top stories is a challenge. Really, each of these stories are on “top” to me. But if I had to pick out just a few, I would choose the pieces listed above.

Notice the top five stories I chose. Read each headline. Read them again. What do you notice about them?

I picked these pieces because they are the kinds of stories that are ignored or skimmed over by other publications. But given the chance, these are stories that can (and did) have a big impact on their community.

The top stories I shared are of issues people face daily. As writers, we are the voice for the people. It is our duty to highlight parts of society that demand attention. To...

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