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Weekly Crime Blotter

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Robbing His Own Gal

Gallup, 11/5

Tina Begay, a.k.a. “Cindy Escobar,” was driving her reported husband Chico Escobar to an appointment at Gallup Indian Medical Center. But, he had been drinking that day and when Chico asked his five-month pregnant wife for money, she refused. So, he proceeded to take it anyway...


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By Babette Herrmann

Robbie R. Daniels II

11/5,  8:17 pm

DWI 3rd Offense, Aggravated

Gallup Police Department Officer Harland Soseeah was training an officer as part of the field officers training program, when the officer in training noted that a vehicle exiting the Gilbert Ortega Shell gas station on east Highway 66 had no headlights on.

Soseeah pulled the vehicle over, and Daniels, 31, presented a revoked/suspended drivers license. The license stated that he can be arrested if caught driving. Aside from the obvious, Daniels took the field sobriety tests, which were not fairing well for him.

Next, he blew a .18 on the Breath Alcohol Content test and was booked into...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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Gallup, 10/22

Russell Luna was shot by Jessie Gutierrez, who was still at large as of press time. Luna was shot at Black Diamond Mobile Home Park, 333 Black Diamond. He was shot in the abdomen and went to the Med Star Ambulance location on Maloney for help. Luna was transported to a local hospital. According the police report, there were up to three shots fired. Police area asking for the public’s help in locating Gutierrez. Call Crimestoppers at (505) 722-6161.


Pinehaven, 10/22

Thomas A. Garcia got pretty close to hitting his father and was arguing with his mother, but it appears from McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jonathan...


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Kendrick Murillo

10/24, 3:34 am

Aggravated DWI

Murillo, 23, passed out with his vehicle running at the Dead Horse Mustang in Churchrock. McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Arnold Noriega stated in his report that Murillo “noticed there to be several bottles of beer in the center console of the vehicle,” with one opened. When Noriega asked for Murillo to put the open the door, he put the vehicle in drive. He had to be extracted through the passenger door. His two breath sample read .17.


Kerrie Cheromiah

10/23, 2:23 pm


Cheromiah, 24, not only escaped injury herself when she crashed into a light pole at Third and Maloney, she avoided injuring anyone else. Gallup...

Local man arrested for Arson, burglary

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Michael Roper of Gallup didn’t take the news well when he was terminated from his job at the Red Lion Oct. 27.

According to Gallup Police Department Sgt. Rosanne Kavzlarich, Roper, 33, came back to the hotel about an hour after being laid off and boldly stole money from the company safe, absconding with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Next, he went upstairs and set one of the rooms on fire. On his way out, he reportedly told one of the workers to call the fire department.

According to the criminal complaint, filed in Magistrate Court Oct. 29, Roper is being charged with arson and it’s noted that the fire he set caused more than $2,500 worth of damages that doesn’t exceed...

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