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Weekly Crime Blotter

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Car vs. Pedestrian

12/13, Fire Rock Casino

A hard night of partying left one man clinging for life in a local hospital’s intensive care unit. Gallup Police Department Capt. Rick White said Piotrk Ogorek was struck by a vehicle. The night of partying began when Ogorek and a friend were drinking at Fire Rock Casino...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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It’s not clear why Watson Watchman and Andy Garcia wanted to start a fire at Gallup Detox Center at 2205 East Boyd Ave, but it landed both of them in jail.

Gallup Police Department Officer Khaera Chee responded to the scene in which two fires had to be extinguished. According to the report, an employee later reviewed video surveillance and saw Watson handing Garcia an item that later turned out to be a lighter. Video footage also shows Watchman gather clothing and tissue and setting it on fire in an area with more than 60 occupants.

Watchman was charged with negligent arson and Garcia with an accessory to arson.



A man...


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Kevin Bowman

Nov. 28, 10:10 pm

3rd DWI, Aggravated

Bowman, 37, never made it onto I-40 due to a flat, front left tire, but the true reason is that he passed out behind the wheel stone cold drunk. Gallup Police Department Officer Luke Martin discovered Bowman parked on the I-40 onramp at Mile Marker 26. He had to reach into the vehicle to wake Bowman up. He refused to engage in field sobriety tests or take the breath alcohol content test, earning him the aggravated charge and his third DWI offense.

John Duboise, Jr.

Nov. 26, 6:44 pm


Duboise caught the attention of GPD Officer Khaera Chee shortly after she pulled into Conoco west to fuel up. The officer was...

High hopes for big payday crushed

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As two Red Rock 10 theater employees counted down company cash at the end of business hours, around 10:30 pm Nov. 28, a knock on the door quickly turned a routine task into a dangerous one as Ivan Brodie, who disguised his face with a blue bandana, attempted to strong arm his way toward some easy cash pickings with the help of a thieving pal waiting nearby.

But things didn’t go as planned for either man.

The employee that answered the door screamed for help. And help quickly came. The other employee in the count room, and another employee in the area, along with a theater customer subdued Brodie, dashing his hopes of a big payout.

Brodie’s accomplice, Simmon Antonio, 27...


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Sammie Duboise, Jr.

11/14, 12:10 am

Aggravated DWI

Duboise, 36, of Grants was pulled over while McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Merle Bates was working the DWI Task Force Patrol. Duboise was driving 84 mph down southbound State Highway 602. He showed all the signs of intoxication and fumbled to pull his driver’s license from his pocket.

He was booked for an aggravated DWI for blowing .18 and .16 – more than twice the legal limit – during the Breath Alcohol Content test.

Stephanie Leann Womble

11/13, 3:09 am

2nd DWI

Womble was lucky that no one was hurt, except her, when she was driving her Buick Verano and crashed into a parked, blue Ford 4x4 F150...

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