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Gallup PD Narcs raid four locales

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Busy start to 2016

Gallup Police Department’s narcotics division has been off to a busy start this year. Four different drug stings resulted in raids and netted 14 arrests thanks to the help of some confidential informants and uncover agents.

The most recent raid was March 4, at the home of Joseph “Spooky”...

Weekly Crime Blotter

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Steven Bryant became enraged at the Wells Fargo drive thru ATM machine at Rio West Mall when a Chambers, Ariz. couple honked the horn to persuade the man to hurry with his transaction. The other machine was down, and there was reportedly a line.

Bryant, 78, didn’t take too kindly to being rushed, so according to the Gallup Police Department’s report, he pulled out a rifle from the back of his truck and aimed it at the couple who had two children in tow. Bryant was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of child abuse.


When McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Salina Brown arrived...


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ENDWI. Legal limit is .08.

Levi Brice Lowery

Feb. 24, 7:32 pm

4th DWI, Aggravated

Despite the consequences from his last three DWIs, or lack thereof, Lowery’s fourth arrest was drama filled. Luckily, no one was hurt in the fender bender on 601 S. Dani Dr. Lowery fled the scene into the home of his sister-in-law, uninvited.

When Gallup Police Department Officer Chaz Troncoso arrived at the woman’s home, he found Lowery, 27, lying on his belly, covered in a “cotton ball looking substance,” according to the report. He had made his unwanted entry through a window. He tried to hide in the attic, but fell instead, getting the insulation stuck to his clothes. He...


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Anthony Cleveland

Feb. 16, 1:12 an

4th DWI, Aggravated

Cleveland was pulled over when McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Chief Investigator Merle Bates noticed his vehicle swerving as it headed down U.S. Route 491. He nearly hit a concrete barrier before pulling into Jiffy Lube. Cleveland, 54, produced an ID card, and he was actually driving on a suspended/revoked license.

According to the report, he told Bates “take me to jail I’m drunk.” Bates noticed an open can of Budwiser in the backseat. It was cold and had half of its content. Cleveland blew a .23 and .24 during the breath tests.

Joan M. Yazzie

Jan. 20, 8:14 pm

Aggravated DWI

As Deputy Eric Jim was...

BONUS EDITION! Weekly Crime Blotter

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2/12, GALLUP

Gallup Police officers and detectives were already on scene, responding to a call at Gallup Housing Authority on South Second Street, when one of the detectives observed three men in a fight. According to GPD Officer Matthew Graham's report, one man was immediately subdued, but another one took off running down the hill toward the Pepsi plant. He was readily apprehended by a detective. The reported victim, Dino Jack, stayed near police.

One of the suspects, identified as Armando Eddie, 33, of Churchrock, said that Jack had taken $12 and promised to get some beers, but had absconded with the money, which Jack denied. Eddie also had Jack's sweater...

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