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School board hopeful has baggage

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A bench warrant has been issued against a former candidate for the Gallup-McKinley County School Board.

According to New Mexico court records, a bench warrant was issued on Oct. 25 by Grants Magistrate Judge Johnny Valdez after Olin Kieyoomia failed to show up for a hearing.

Kieyoomia, who lost to Kevin Mitchell in the...

Too drunk to care?

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People choose booze, drugs over kids

Staff Reports

Although it’s only a misdemeanor, abandonment of a child is one of those charges that could have a profound effect on the lives of children in this area.

The actual charge is abandonment or abuse of a child and it usually is given when a child or even a young teenager is found being taken care of by a parent, relative, or caregiver who is too intoxicated to watch over the safety of that child.

It’s also a crime that seems to be on the rise as many families in this area deal with the effects of alcohol abuse.

As can be seen in the cases we reported this week, it can be a parent who is charged with DWI or one who is at home with...

Career criminal, sidekick indicted for first-degree murder

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ALBUQUERQUE - Darrell Desiderio, 42, and Ervin Yazzie, 41, both of Tohlakai, N.M., have been indicted for first-degree murder and other crimes of violence in Indian Country.

A federal grand jury in Albuquerque indicted Desiderio and Yazzie July 26. The indictment charges Desiderio and Yazzie with first-degree murder, kidnapping resulting in death, and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

The indictment alleges that Desiderio and Yazzie committed these offenses on June 7. The two defendants allegedly tricked the victim into driving them to a remote area where Desiderio allegedly said they could find women willing to party. When they reached the location, Desiderio allegedly held a knife to...

Downed light pole snarls traffic

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A collision between a semi-truck and a traffic control pole at 6:59 pm Oct. 25 turned the intersection of Ford Avenue and Highway 66 into a temporary four-way stop.  Gallup Police Officer Victor Madrid reported that a semi-tractor trailer made a wide turn and hit the pole with the trailer on the north side of the intersection.

The driver of the semi was Ho Hyung Hwan. He spoke little English and was unable to describe the incident.  He backed the trailer off the pole. The semi was not damaged.  The trailer was slightly damaged.

Madrid says based on his investigation, the driver of the truck was trying to make a left turn from Highway 66 onto Miyamura Overpass.

The pole was removed...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Staff Reports



Fort Wingate, Oct. 20

A Fort Wingate man was arrested Oct. 10 after his mother-in-law called the sheriff’s office and said she wanted him removed from her trailer.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Roane responded to the call about 5 pm. He spoke to Lucy Brown, who complained that Brandon Duffy, 33, had been loud and abusive all day. She said he was also intoxicated and she was scared of him.

Roane said he went into the bedroom where Duffy was watching television and told him to put on his shoes so they could go outside and talk. Roane said Duffy immediately became abusive and refused to comply.

Roane said he then tried to put handcuffs...

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