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Weekly Police Activity Report

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A wild pursuit

5/5, U. S. Highway 491

A McKinley County deputy engaged in a pursuit of a suspect who may have been involved in a domestic dispute in his car, traveling at speeds of close to 120 mph on U. S. Highway 491.

MCSO Dep. Frank Villa said the incident began about 4:45 pm. Villa was at the Gallup Flea...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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A school thief

April 30, Tse Bonito

When William Nass, the principal at the Hilltop Christian School in Tse Bonito, came to work at the start of the school week the first thing he noticed was that the office door was unlocked.

That alone was not unusual because the door is often kept unlocked so teachers can come in and use the printer. But once Nass got to his office, he noticed that things had been scattered and some of the cabinet file drawers were open.

He then checked the school’s safe and found that had been broken into and $600 in cash and two iPads were missing.

He called the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office and when deputies showed up, he told them what he found...

Accident on Hwy. 118 leaves girl, 10, dead

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An accident at the intersection of State Highway 118 and State Highway 566 left a 10-year-old girl dead April 28, when two cars crashed and spun out off of the road.

According to the drivers’ statements on the crash report, the accident was caused by a failure to yield.

One car, which was previously obscured by a truck, made a sudden turn in front of another car, resulting in a crash.

Upon arriving at the scene, McKinley County Sheriff’s Dep. Anthony Morales spoke with a bystander who had pulled the girl, Gayle Manygoats, from the back seat of the car, and the two conducted chest compressions in an effort to revive her.

The other victims of the accident included a Jessy Manygoats...

Man arrested for attempted robbery at westside gas station

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A Mentmore man was arrested May 1 after he reported trying to rob a woman at a local gas station.

Jarvis Canuto, 43, was charged with attempted robbery and for having an outstanding warrant out of Bernillilo County.

Gallup Police Capt. Marinda Spencer said police received a report about a man trying to rob a woman outside the Mustang Conoco west store, 3302 West Highway 66, around 3:30 pm.

The woman said the man asked for money and when she refused to give him any, he responded by pulling out a black gun. The man fled the area and the woman called police.

When police arrived, they began searching the area and thanks to witnesses, were able to locate him hiding in the shrubbery east...


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Titus Norton

April 25, 8:33 pm

DWI, Navajo Charge

McKinley County Sheriff’s Sgt. Elreno Henio was patrolling County Road 1 as part of the DWI task force when he noticed a car coming toward him at a high rate of speed. He engaged his radar and clocked the vehicle going 40 mph in a 25 mph zone.

He conducted a traffic stop and talked to the driver, Titus Norton, 29, of Mentmore. When he asked Norton for his driver’s license, Norton said he didn’t have one. He also told Henio he only had one beer that day.

Henio said Norton agreed to take the field sobriety tests and when he failed, he was given a breath alcohol test, during which he posted two samples of .12. Since the...

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