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Public Safety

Body found in vehicle on Gallup’s north side

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Few details were available at press time regarding a body found inside of a vehicle by Gallup police officers March 20.

Gallup Police Department spokeswoman Marinda Spencer said the 37-year-old man sustained a gunshot injury, but foul play isn’t suspected at this time.

“The death is under investigation and pending...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Prewitt, March 19

A Prewitt teenager was charged with aggravated battery after he reportedly threatened his brother with a knife.

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Ben Benally said he was dispatched to the Edsitty residence in Prewitt about 10 am on March 19 after Jolene Apachito asked for police assistance because one of her sons had pulled out a knife against the other.

She said Nicholas Edsitty, 17, and Zane Edsitty, 18, had first been seen arguing, but then Zane Edsitty went to the kitchen and got a knife. She said she got between the two and prevented anyone from being injured.

Nicholas Edsitty told Benally that he told his brother to go ahead and stab...


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Jeremy Nez

March 10, 8:50 pm

Aggravated DWI

Gallup Patrolman Harland Soseeah said he was dispatched to the northside because of a car parked in the middle of the street with its engine running.

When he got there, he found the car parked in the middle lane with the driver passed out. He said he opened the driver’s door and turned off the ignition before waking up the driver, who was identified as Jeremy Nez, 29, of Yah-Ta-Hey.

Soseeah said he could smell the odor of liquor being emitted from inside the vehicle, so he asked Nez if he had been drinking and he admitted that he drank a few. He was asked to exit the vehicle and Soseeah reported seeing him staggering.


Gallup Police make arrests in two stabbing cases

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Gallup police investigated two stabbings on March 1 that were connected to each other.

Patrolman Jeremy Shirley said he was dispatched to Allsup’s on Arnold Street about 10 pm in connection with a reported stabbing.

When he got there, he found Zachery Lee bent over, holding his chest. He said he had been stabbed. Shirley said he saw a stab wound to Shirley’s right chest area as well as another on the side of his face.

Lee said he had been jumped by three men as he was walking to see his girlfriend. He said they took his phone and were looking to take his money as well but he ran away. He then gave Shirley a description of the three men.

Before he could begin a search, he learned...

Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, March 11

The district courthouse was cleared for a couple of hours on March 11 after an employee received a bomb threat.

The employee said the person was going to blow everyone up and then hung up. Police secured the building and using canines searched the building, but found no bomb.


Tse Bonito, March 11

McKinley County Sheriff deputies received a report on March 11 from Tse Bonito Mortuary that someone had been in the building over the weekend.

An official told deputies she looked at a surveillance tape and discovered that someone had entered the building just before it was closed up on March 8. That person hid behind a sofa...

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