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Jasamine Begay

6/22/17, 2:02 am

3rd DWI, aggravated

Gallup Police Department officer Luke Martin was dispatched to the Shalimar on June 22, in regard to an intoxicated female passed out in her vehicle with the engine running.

After knocking repeatedly on the window to wake up the driver, Officer Martin was finally...

DWI First Time Offenders

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NAME: Douglas Van Dyk

AGE: 36

BOOKED: 6/20/17


NAME: Amber S. Perry

AGE: 20

BOOKED: 6/20/17

NOTES: Agg. DWI; Child Abuse (Dangerous Situation)

NAME: Tadd John

AGE: 42

BOOKED: 5/5/17

NOTES: Agg. DWI; Consume/Poss. Alcohol in Vehicle

NAME: Sharon Tsinnijinnie

AGE: 40

BOOKED: 5/4/17

NOTES: Poss. of Marijuana  -8 ounces; Poss. w/Intent to Distribute

NAME: Janice Benally

AGE: 29

BOOKED: 2/23/17

NOTES: Agg. DWI; Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle

NAME: Robert L. Nelson

AGE: 29

BOOKED: 2/20/17


NAME: Sherry Cornfield

AGE: 30

BOOKED: 2/19/17

NOTES: Agg. DWI; Open Container

NAME: Art Daniels

AGE: 49

BOOKED: 2/16/17


St. Michaels man jailed on assault, resisting charges

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A St. Michaels, Arizona man, arrested June 11 by Gallup police on assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest charges, was released from the McKinley County Adult Detention Center June 20, officials said.

Aaron Begay, 36, punched Teddie Yazzie at about 5 pm near Camille’s Sidewalk Café on South Second Street, apparently because Yazzie happened to be wearing the color black, according to a police report on the matter.

Begay, whose nickname on the street is “Ghost,” asked Yazzie where he was from, telling Yazzie, “I don’t like the color of your bandana,” the police report reads. Yazzie shrugged off Begay’s remarks, but not before Begay cold-cocked him in the...

Conviction upheld for pediatrician convicted of child porn possession

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ALBUQUERQUE – Attorney General Hector Balderas announced that pediatrician Juan Torres Santos, who was found guilty of one count of Sexual Exploitation of Children in October 2015, lost his appeal to the New Mexico Court of Appeals June 22.

Torres Santos was previously a licensed pediatrician in Pennsylvania and in Texas, and was working on his application for a medical license in New Mexico at the time of his arrest. Torres Santos appealed his conviction claiming there was not sufficient evidence he intentionally possessed child pornography and that the district court should not have allowed the Office of the Attorney General to show the jury evidence of the child pornography.


NN police pronounce SUV driver dead

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An investigation continues into a Toyota 4Runner that overturned June 18 at mile-marker 10 and not far from New Mexico 264, according to a Navajo Nation police report. Sgt. Shane Bennet recorded that the Toyota SUV was traveling eastbound and rolled over. A witness at the scene said he heard a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, telling Bennett that “he heard a loud crash.”

Three females approached the crash scene and one said that she was in the vehicle earlier in Gallup. Bennett’s report stated that fire personnel attempted to get the driver out of the vehicle, but stopped due to the fact that the driver was dead.

By Bernie Dotson

Sun Correspondent

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