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Letter to the editor: Expulsion of drunks, not jail

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If WE choose to ignore reality and simply go about our own business, reality has a way of hitting us in the face. The governor and Mr. Munoz are dead set on l-o-n-g-e-r sentences for the problem drunks. Reality tell’s us that the drunk population will continue to grow eternally. longer sentences and a never ending supply of problem drunk’s would mean that the tax payer’s would N-E-V-E-R stop paying for all of the medical, dental and eye glass needs, shelter, utilities, beds, clothing, shoes, food and eventually all burial expenses, of ALL of these problem drunks.

God expelled Cain from Eden FOREVER, for killing his brother. God did not apply the death penalty or even put Cain in jail. Castro of Cuba cleaned out his jails and prison’s and other misfit’s and sent them all to the U.S.A.

Reality tells us that we either continue to tolerate this SOLVABLE problem or we start expelling ALL of the problem drunks FOREVER and never stop expelling them, with the end result being that the entire city would become and remain as drunk free as the hospital area has ALWAYS been. Not to mention SOLVENT.

Reality is that Gallup cannot survive without Native Americans. Reality is also that more Native American’s DO NOT drink alcohol, than those that do. Reality is also that Gallup can thrive without the problem drunks of ANY national origin. If WE choose to continue to look the other way, reality will continue to hit us in the face.

A very important reality that we all need to understand and accept is: the growing number of problem drunk’s that give Gallup the deserved name of drunk city, are NEVER going to solve this problem by quitting drinking on their own. Judges have the authority to impose a sentence of expulsion in the place of jail. It would wake the problem drunks up and it would certainly help us. Otherwise, let’s bring King Solomon back up.

Louis Maldonado

Gallup, NM