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NNOSHA deems education center restricted area due to rodents

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — On July 19, the Navajo Nation Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued an order restricting the Department of Diné Education building with limited access, and the education facility will not reopen without the approval by NNOSHA.

The order is a result of rodents within the facility. There is limited access for education programs within the Education Center for the retrieval of documents and files from workstations in order that business may continue for the remainder of this week and next.

DODE programs are seeking other worksites in order to continue business hours. Facilities maintenance has contracted a company to fumigate and clean the building beginning this weekend. The cleanup will continue next week, and it may take an additional three to five days to complete.

For safety and health reasons, the public may not enter the Education Center during the time the restriction is in effect.

In the meantime, Navajo OSHA recommends Education Center employees identify other temporary workstations. A consultant will enter the Education Center to clean the first and second floors of the facility.

On July 20, all employees within the Education Center held an informational meeting with the chief of staff of the Office of the President and Vice President, who issued a directive to DODE program directors to identify and setup temporary work offices outside the Education Center. DODE anticipates normal operation will continue Monday, Aug. 1.

On a temporary basis, Navajo Head Start will set-up office in the DODE Auditorium and DODE admin will be at the Navajo Library.

Contact DODE Website and Facebook page for update on location of DODE Programs temporary offices. For additional information on the education building restriction and limited access, please contact Navajo OSHA at (928) 871-6742.