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Past County Manager weighs in on Dist. 3 race

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As we approach the upcoming County election for the position of District 3 County Commissioner. Four people are in the race – David Dallago, Jr., Bill Lee, Johnny Green, Jr., and Gerald O’Hara.  Here is what I am looking for with regard to each candidate.

Who displays integrity and honesty in all they do?  I know there are many people who are tired of leadership in government lacking these two things.   The question is which of the four candidates can you “TRUST” to oversee County government on your behalf and in the best interests of the County.

Who will exercise fairness and equality in hiring?  I believe everyone deserves to be treated fair and equal in the hiring of employees to vacant positions in the county.  When I was County Manager that was one of the biggest complaints I heard from people.  Closely related was who got internal promotions and pay increases. People knew certain Commissioners had their favorites and they were the ones who got hired, promoted and pay increases.   People want an equal playing field for everyone.   So, the question people have to ask themselves is which of the four candidates will allow the County Personnel office to run a fair and equal process in filling vacancies and not pull things behind closed doors?

Who will exercise servant leadership?  People need leaders who view their elected position as one in which the people have elected them to “public service” not “self-service’. We don’t need people in leadership who only want to direct business to their companies or through “threats and intimidation” force staff to violate county policies in procurement activities, employment opportunities, travel reimbursements and use of county credit cards.

As I have stated these things – these are all about “character”. I think people still want people of “excellent character” to serve them as their elected leadership.


Richard F. Kontz

507 Apache Court

Gallup, NM


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