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The legal limit is .08. How about being a responsible adult and try driving with a .00? ENDWI.

Myron Joe

Jan. 9, 9:31 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Joe didn’t want to give McKinley County Sheriff Office Deputy Merle Bates his real name, according to the report. He gave the alias of Sam Smith instead. But, Bates saw through the intoxicated shenanigans and booked Joe, 25, for his second DWI with the bonus charge of “aggravated” for his refusal to take the breath alcohol content tests, and for a bench warrant. Bates noted that there was a empty can of Bud Light near the vehicle’s gear shift.

Christopher Chris Kallestewa

Jan. 9, 9:48 am

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Although MCSO Deputy Merlin Benally didn’t see Kallestewa hit a fence, then an embankment, the tire tracks tell the story of what actually happened. So does Kallestewa. When Benally caught up with him, he readily admitted that he drove in to a fence, according to the deputy’s report. Benally asked Kallestewa, 24, to take the field sobriety tests, and he didn’t fare too well. His two breath samples were .20 – more than double the legal limit.

Olsen P. Yazzie

Jan. 8, 4:57 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Deputy Benally caught up with Yazzie’s vehicle after receiving a call that a red, 4-door Chevy Impala had caused nearly two collisions on Defiance Draw road. Yazzie was pulled over near Cedar Ridge trailer park. And while he provided the required paperwork for his vehicle, the signs of intoxication were present.

Benally asked the passenger to hand over the “40 oz. bottle of HG800 and the can of Budweiser.” Yazzie, 28, failed field sobriety tests and blew .27 and .25 during the breath tests.

Tanya S. Andy

Jan. 8, 1:19 pm

Aggravated DWI

It’s not clear if anyone in the other vehicle that Andy reportedly crossed the line and struck near 300 E. Maloney Ave, were injured, although she complained that “she was experiencing pain from the vehicle crash.” After she failed the field sobriety tests and blew a .17 during the breath test – twice, she was transported to a local hospital by Gallup Police Department Officer Dewayne Holder.

Andy, 26, refused to be seen at the first hospital, so she was taken to another hospital for clearance then on to jail for booking.

Brian McCray

Jan. 8, 1:53 am

Aggravated DWI

In one of the most longest DWI reports ever, McCray, led GPD Officer Philamina Chischilly on a bit of a chase when she attempted to pull him over at westside McDonald’s. He finally stopped at Americas Best Value Inn. He seemed agreeable at first, according to Chischilly’s report, but he quickly changed his tune before the officer could begin the field sobriety tests. McCray repeatedly claimed that someone else was driving the car.

He blamed someone named Michelle and that she had jumped out of the moving vehicle and ran off leaving him to drive. Also, McCray, 28, wouldn’t blow properly into to the breath test machine. He also claimed to have a heart issue and was a diabetic, so he was taken to a local hospital where he took the breath test and blew a .209.

Karla J. Howard

Jan. 7, 12:12 am

Aggravated DWI

Howard, 26, was cooperative when she was pulled over on north U.S. Route 491 for not moving into the left lane in response to another officer conducting a traffic stop on the right shoulder. However, Howard didn’t want to make eye contact, according MCSO Task Force Supervisor Tammy Houghtaling’s report. And when she did, the signs of intoxication were evident. She refused to take the breath tests, earning her the aggravated status.

Nathan Milford Begaye

Jan. 6, 9:48 pm

Aggravated DWI

After reportedly running a red light at West Maloney and N. Third Street, GPD Officer Eric Lope pulled Begaye over in a parking lot near Fifth Street. Upon approach, Lope noticed the signs of intoxication. According to his report, he saw a .375 Mil. bottle of Fireball in Begaye’s sweater pocket and another bottle in front of the driver’s seat. Begaye refused to take the field sobriety and breath tests.

Calandra Tsosie

Jan. 1, 8 am

Aggravated DWI

Tsosie’s Dodge Dart failed to dart off of GPD Officer Matthew Graham’s radar. A Community Service Aid officer alerted police to McDonald’s west in reference to a group that got into the Dodge. He caught up with Tsosie as she headed east down Highway 66. Graham cut her off in the Sonic parking lot and asked her to park and throw her keys out the window.

She then stumbled out of the vehicle, and according to the report, asked Graham if “that is the way you treat Natives?” He asked her the question of whether she was going to play the race card and got the same response. The four passengers in her vehicle were taken to Gallup Detox and Tsosie, 26, failed the field sobriety tests and blew a .19 – twice.

Paul H. Livingston

Dec. 28, 11:38 pm


Livingston, 61, had tried to purchase booze at Gilbert Ortega’s gas station, but the clerk refused and notified police to be on the lookout for a white Chevy S10 extended cab truck. GPD Officer Chavo Chischilly located Livingston at Elizabeth and Highway 66 – stopped in the middle of the intersection. He agreed to all of the tests and blew a .12 – twice.

Daniel Kevin Tsosie

Dec. 24, 6:05 am


GPD Officer Darius Johnson was dispatched in response to a call about a blue Ford Escape that crashed into a ditch near 816 S. Boardman Dr., landing upside down. Apparently, Tsosie was OK as he agreed to do the field sobriety tests. He smelled of booze, and had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, according to Johnson’s report. He readily admitted to drinking and driving. Tsosie, 21, blew a .10 and .09 when given the breath tests.