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Sunday, Jul 12th

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Weekly Crime Blotter

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Emmanuel Tsosie of Blue Gap, Ariz. faces charges for aggravated battery and DWI for some late night, drunken antics. It appears that jealousy motivated him to throw a can of beer at his friend, leaving a laceration, as they partied at Motel 6 on west Hwy 66.

Tsosie, 27, then reportedly chased his girlfriend, who dived over the front desk counter at the motel, prompting a worker to call the police. The woman said he accused of her of cheating with the man he nailed in the head with a beer. He then tried to drive off in his white KIA, but Gallup Police Department officers were blocking all the exits. He was charged with a DWI and Aggravated Battery.



A mother and daughter parked at the Giant gas station on 1223 E. Hwy 66, must have been scared out of their wits when Zachery Lee of Window Rock, Ariz. tried to at first steal the daughter’s pickup truck with her mom sitting in the truck (mom pulled the keys out of the ignition, away from Lee), but settled on her purse instead, running off with her cash.

All of this occurred after Lee, 21, reportedly tried to steal booze from Giant. He was caught near Earl’s Restaurant. He booked for burglary to a vehicle, attempting unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, and larceny.



On New Year’s Day, GPD officers were dispatched to Ranchito Motel, 1009 W. Coal Ave in response to a “domestic dispute.” According to Officer Ryan Blackgoat, the victim claimed to have been pistol whipped with a Ruger 9MM. She said the man, Jared Smith, also kicked her in the back and that she just had back surgery.

Police had seen Smith, 31, flee the scene but did not pursue him. Gun shots were heard in the area, but there was no evidence linking Smith to the shots fired. Smith, of Acoma, returned to the motel room on his own where police struggled to detain him. The victim refused medical treatment. The gun was found under the bed. Smith was arrested for aggravated battery.


12/29, GALLUP

Why rent a hotel room when you can break a window, crack open a Bud Ice, and crash out on the bed. Well, that’s what got Eric Begaye of Mentmore in trouble at the Microtel Inn, on west Hwy 66. It was cut and dry arrest. Begaye, 22, was booked for breaking and entering.


12/28, GALLUP

A Navajo Police Department officer could be in some hot water for fleeing the scene of an accident that occurred at the intersection of east Hwy 66 and Patton Drive.

According to McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Ivan Tsethlikai’s report, NPD Officer Patricia Henry was parked at State Hwy 118 and Sundance Road post-accident. When asked why she left the scene, she reportedly said that “she hit a vehicle and ‘Freaked Out’ so she kept driving.”

Henry was disarmed for on-duty officers safety. When Caramine Largo from the Crownpoint District arrived, local law enforcement from GPD and MCSO were released from the scene. Apparently, Henry had parked her unit on Navajo soil. Henry faces charges for running a red light, failure to report an accident, and failure to render aid. The victim had complained of a head injury.