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Gallup Fire Department’s call report

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The Gallup Fire Department responded to 639 calls from July 1 through Aug. 17. The following is a breakdown of what type of calls they responded to.

More than 85 percent of their calls are listed as rescue and emergency calls, and that number breaks down to 563 calls that they responded to for emergency medical services. This volume includes motor vehicle accidents, calls for ambulances, and other medical assistance.

They responded to two dozen motor vehicle accidents without injury, 17 with injuries and seven involving pedestrians in a motor vehicle accident.

GFD responded to nine fire calls, which include one trash or rubbish fire, one mobile property fire, one passenger vehicle fire, one natural vegetation fire, two outside rubbish or trash fires, and two other fires that aren’t specifically broken down.

They also respond to hazardous condition calls, of which they reportedly responded to seven. One gas leak, one extrication, one removal from an elevator, one high angle rescue, three natural gas leaks, two gasoline or flammable liquid spills, four smoke or odor of smoke calls were also all handled in the course of the month and a half long report.

The majority of the rest of their calls breaks down into alarms both intentional and unintentional alarms. False alarms or false calls account for a dozen responses while there were four calls where they were not able to locate anything going on at the dispatched location.

These combined with system malfunctions and not finding any smoke or fire account for 30 or over 4 percent of their responses.

GFD also responded to one lightning strike, two special incidents, two water problems and one citizen complaint.

The report also shows that they responded to 16 service calls and 10 good intent calls.

All statistics are from a computer generated breakdown of major incidents, this is a representation of their call volume and may not include every call that GFD responded to.