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Monday, Jun 01st

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Weekly Crime Blotter

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Gallup Police Department wants their citizens to wear their seat belts and watch out for scams. The Click It or Ticket National Mobilization period has begun and officers are working hard to check that all those traveling in vehicles are wearing their seat belts.

“Everybody wear your seat belts, everyone in the vehicle, even passengers have to wear their seat belts,” Capt. Rick White, spokesperson, said. “Seat belts save lives, all passengers in the vehicle have got to be buckled up or they will also get tickets.”

There is also another scam going around Gallup and McKinley County. According to White, citizens have been receiving phone calls from callers that tell them their city utilities are past due, and  they will be disconnected without an immediate over the phone payment.

“The City does not call people [on their bill], they either tag their house with an urgent notice or send a letter, they do not call people,” White said.

If citizens receive a phone call requesting money from any company, they should explain that they will call back to the business using the phone number off of their account bill or statement. If you find that the received phone call was fraudulent, contact law enforcement and/or the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.

Twin Buttes

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Deputies responded to a party May 16 on Twin Buttes Road. Deputy Nocona Clark, according to her report, went around to check the vehicles.

“I checked the vehicles to prevent any intoxicated drivers, driving away from the party,” Clark said in her report. Clark found Brett Lewis, 19, of Gallup, N.M. was “passed out” inside one of those vehicles. Upon waking him, Deputy Clark found herself being yelled at, being swung at and being struck in the leg by a closed fist. Lewis was taken into custody and booked on battery upon a peace officer and an outstanding warrant out of State Police.


James Yazzie Jr., 18, of Prewitt, N.M. was arrested May 6 by MCSO Deputy Monty Yazzie on five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to the report, James Yazzie followed 19 year old Cody Jeffries into a gas station parking lot where he attempted to start a fight. Jeffries told deputies that he got back to his vehicle and tried to drive away, taking several turns and even turning his vehicle around. James Yazzie continued to follow Jeffries and eventually pulled his truck in front of Jeffries vehicle. Jeffries tried to slow down, but ended up sliding into the vehicle. Passengers in both vehicles confirmed the story. A passenger in James Yazzie vehicle even told deputies that when Jeffries car attempted to go around James Yazzie’s truck that he backed into Jeffries vehicle.

North side Gallup

Five adults were arrested for drinking in public. Carl Alonzo, 28, of Tohatchi, N.M. and Harrington Alonzo, 30, of Pinehill, N.M. were found drinking on the north side of Rio West Mall May 16.  Luther Perry, 39, of Crownpoint, N.M., John Jim, 42, and Fernando Evans, 43 both of Churchrock, N.M. were arrested after being observed by plain clothed Gallup Police Department officers in the Golden Age Park, across the street from the Senior Center and Boys and Girls Club, May 16

East side Gallup

Larry Joe, 47, of Window Rock, Ariz., Edward Perales, 53, of Gallup, N.M. and Johnathan Arthur, 37, of Window Rock, Ariz. Were all arrested after they were seen drinking in a doorway at Zecca Plaza.