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Missing person cases shrouded in mystery

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Elta Yazzie holds a flier for her son, Delvin, who has been missing for almost four years.  Photo Credit: Kimberly Gaona
Anthonette Cayedito
Craig Harrison

Harrison family suspect foul play

GALLUP – There are few things in this world that are more disturbing, more catastrophic than a loved one going missing with the constant wonder, worry and waiting. Those left behind are stuck with a choice to either keep up the search for what could be years, or decades, or to continue on with their lives.

One of the oldest cold missing cases centers on the disappearance of Anthonette Cayedito, 9, who went missing from her bed on April 4, 1986.

Her mother Penny reportedly told police that she last saw her daughter fast asleep at 3 a.m., but a parent’s worst nightmare came true some hours later when Penny went to check on Anthonette in her bedroom and discovered she had vanished.

Sure, there were a few leads along the way.

First, a phone call to the Gallup Police Department from a frantic young girl claiming to be Anthonette; next, followed by a girl matching Anthonette’s description who left a “please help me” note on a napkin at a Carson City diner. Years later, the missing girl’s sister Wendy came forward, claiming some men knocked at the door and swept away her sister into the night.

While the mysterious Cayedito case lingers, new cases of vanishing persons continue to crop up. Such as the cases of Delvin Yazzie and Craig Harrison.

Delvin Yazzie

Delvin Yazzie, who would be 34-years-old today, has been missing since August 2011. For four years, his mother Elta Yazzie has continued  to search for him, following up on leads of her own and is waiting for her son’s return.

Elta Yazzie had three children, but she lost her oldest son in an automobile accident in July. The only tangible child is her daughter.

“I’m just hurting so bad, I try to look for him,” Elta Yazzie said.

Delvin was last seen at the Safeway store in Gallup where he reportedly got into a blue super cab pickup truck on Aug. 2, 2011, and he has not been seen since then.

“I didn’t even know that he took off … he said I’ll be back,” Elta Yazzie said, holding back tears.

She went on to explain that her son had even asked her to wash a white shirt and pants for him for when he returned, which she did.

Delvin left behind a young child who stays with his mother’s family. He was known to engage in yard work to make money, and enjoyed playing baseball and basketball.

He has a tattoo of the letter “I” and a heart on his left hand, along with several visible scars on his body. At the time he went missing, Delvin stands 5’3” and weighed 155 lbs. He has brown eyes and black hair.

Craig Harrison

Craig Harrison, a father and a firefighter, has been missing since September 2013. He was last seen renewing his driver’s license in Houck, Ariz. It was reported to police that he was identified after this time in Sanders, Ariz., possibly drinking under a bridge with his brother, according to Gallup Police Department spokesman Capt. Rick White.

His girlfriend at the time he went missing, was Jamie Curley, who said that she did know him to go into town and “hang around” and she feels very strongly that something happened to him. She said that he would use hitchhiking as a form of transportation.

“I haven’t heard anything since, it’s still a mystery,” Curley said. “Something happened to him, otherwise he would have come home a long time ago.”

Curley and Harrison have two boys together, one who just celebrated a birthday. Curley said that she tries not to think about Harrison’s disappearance because she wants her children to be happy. She has tried to move on with her life for herself and for her children.

Harrison stands approximately 5’7” with black hair and brown eyes. He weighed 120 lbs at the time he was reported missing and is about 28-years-old.

White added that he believed Harrison was a Navajo Scout firefighter.

Cedrick Taliman

Cedrick Taliman is an unusual missing person’s entry, according to Capt. White. Police believe he’s still in the Gallup area.

“He’s around, he’s just ignoring us,” White said.

Taliman was last seen Dec. 12, 2012, when he left his foster home. He has since become an adult.


Anyone with information is encouraged to reach out to local law enforcement. Even the smallest details could aid police in their search, and help to bring some peace to the families who desperately wish to be reunited with their missing loved ones.

Anyone who has information on either of these persons is asked to contact the Gallup Police Department at (505) 863-9365. You may also send information or details you have related to these cases or other missing persons reports to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .