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Still looking for economic relief?

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Applications open Oct. 12 for $1.4 million

New Mexico has appropriated $5 million to provide financial relief from the hardships caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The money will be used to offer a one-time cash assistance payment to qualifying New Mexico residents.

The New Mexico Human Services Department will begin accepting applications for economic relief assistance from New Mexico residents who did not qualify for federal pandemic stimulus payments and did not receive a July 2021 State of New Mexico economic relief payment, on Oct. 12.

Payments will be provided to low-income households based on funding availability. An initial round of payments was issued in July 2021.

The online application will be available at the Yes New Mexico website, at yes.state.nm.us, beginning Oct. 12 at 9 am, and must be submitted by Oct. 22 at 3 pm.

The online information requested includes the following:

First name, last name.

One of the following: New Mexico driver’s license number, individual taxpayer  identification number or Social Security number.

Residential address and/or mailing address.

Direct deposit information (U.S. bank account number and routing number) if available.

Applicants who do not provide direct deposit banking information will receive a check at the mailing address they provide.

“Many low-income New Mexico families have experienced substantial economic and personal losses,” Angela Medrano, Deputy Secretary for the Human Services Department, said. “These funds will help people in our community who were overlooked by the federal stimulus programs, and who need the extra money to help feed and house their families.”

Payments will be processed by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and will be issued by the end of November. Applicants will receive notification about their qualifying status from the Human Services Department.

To qualify for the relief, a taxpayer must not have qualified for federal stimulus payments. In addition, they must be a New Mexico resident, have a New Mexico driver’s license number, individual taxpayer identification number or Social Security number.

Communication regarding qualifying status will be sent through text, email, or letter. If an applicant receives a notice of final determination but does not receive a payment via direct deposit or check, they can contact the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department at (866) 285-2996.

This one-time benefit amount will not be considered in determining eligibility for any program administered by the Human Services Department, including food, cash, energy, or medical assistance.

Residents may call (833) 651-4836 to listen to a prerecorded line of frequently asked questions.