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Thursday, Jun 04th

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The conditions of Gallup’s water

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The Gallup Water Department says it has been experiencing a large volume of calls regarding the safety of the city water.  Gallupians can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual. Tap water is perfectly safe for drinking and washing.  The water does not require boiling for safety, and we discourage the hoarding of bottled water.

The City is following all EPA guidelines regarding water treatment, and in addition, is taking the extra measure of rinsing the hoses at the loading station daily with a dilute water‐bleach solution. In addition, we chlorinate our groundwater, although we are not required to from a regulatory point of view.  The level of chlorine in the water would kill the COVID‐19 virus on contact, even as dilute as it is.

For more information about the effect of coronavirus on water visit: www.epa.gov/coronavirus/coronavirus‐and‐drinking‐water‐and‐wastewater#bottledwater