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Gallup man facing numerous abuse charges

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A Gallup man is facing numerous charges after being arrested for domestic violence by a Gallup police officer on Oct. 12.

Colin Martinez, 25, was charged with abandonment or abuse of a child, false imprisonment, criminal damage to property, aggravated assault and violating a restraining order.

Gallup Police Officer Brandon Salazar said he was dispatched to the Chuska Apartments on the 2500 block of East Aztec Avenue about 5:30 pm after a neighbor said she heard a woman screaming and yelling in a nearby apartment.

Salazar said he met with the alleged victim, Roderica Tsosie, who said her boyfriend beat her up. She had a red spot on her forehead and scrapes on her elbow.

The first thing Salazar did was look around the apartment to see if her boyfriend was still there. He found Martinez hiding behind the bathroom door. When asked what happened, all Martinez would say was Tsosie was drunk. He said nothing about any domestic dispute.

Tsosie said Martinez had come home and had gone to the bedroom to smoke meth. She tried to leave, but she said he pulled her back and punched her on the head several times.

She showed Salazar the shirt she had been wearing at the time and it was completely ripped up.

Salazar said he went back to his unit where he had placed Martinez, and found that Martinez had managed to get his handcuffs from his back to his front. He also found the weather stripping in the rear door was hanging down and damage had been done to the cage that separates the front seat from the back.

Salazar said he and another officer managed to restrain him again and he was transported to the county jail and booked.