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Yah-ta-hey store burglarized

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Deputy Paul Davis, Jr. was dispatched to Family Dollar, #26 Hwy. 264 in Yah-ta-hey, N.M. Nov. 5 to respond to an alarm called in by a business security company. Upon his arrival at 5:26 am, he found a broken window near the front entrance on the south side of the business.

A yellow vending machine for a local newspaper was lying next to the window.

Upon checking the area, Davis saw items had been disturbed and moved around the cashier’s area.

Davis and Deputy Michael Harvey entered the business through the broken window and found no one inside. Harvey found a rear entrance door was partially open. It appeared the suspects left through the entrance on the northwest corner.

They waited for the assistant manager, who arrived a few minutes later.

They asked if Sheldon Garcia, a Family Dollar employee,  had access to the video system. He did not, but stated the manager was on her way, but that it would be at least an hour before she arrived. Davis said if they discover anything missing, to please take note of it and he would be back for a follow up.

He took pictures of the window, cashier’s area, back door, and collected a pack of cigarettes that had been left, for possible fingerprints.