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Wednesday, Feb 19th

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DNC hopeful Pia Gallegos on her priorities

With 2020 around the corner, the country has a pivotal election year ahead. And many candidates and hopefuls know it, which is why many of them have already hit the campaign trail and begun holding meetings and rallies.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico recently got together in Gallup for their State Central Committee meeting. Campaign staffers for numerous candidates assembled at the Lions Club Oct. 18 and again Oct. 19 at the Fire Rock Casino to exchange information about the upcoming elections and encourage guests to support their candidates.

One of the candidates, Pia Gallegos, running for a seat on the Democratic National Committee, spoke with the Sun about the issue she is most focused on.

“If the [Democratic National Committee] wants a debate on climate change, then they should have one,” Gallegos said. “This is an existential crisis that we are undergoing right now. The International Panel on Climate Change has said we have about 10 years to renovate the economic system to lessen our reliance on oil and gas.”

Winning a seat on the DNC will allow Gallegos to address these concerns on a national level, she said.

Gallegos’ previous positions include serving as a State Central Committee member for two terms, First Chair of the Adelante Progressive Caucus, and Democratic Party of New Mexico Rules Committee Member.

“Devoting a single debate to climate change will be a great service to this country,” Gallegos continued. “These are decisions made by the DNC. I’d like to be on the DNC, so I can represent New Mexico and what is good for New Mexicans [on a national level].”

The DNC is charged with facilitating the Democratic presidential nominating process, governing the party, and coordinating strategies with party candidates.

Gallegos said more information and more accountability from elected officials is good for the country. Her vision for the DNC is to hold a fair, even-handed, inclusive primary and achieve greater voter participation and representation.

“The New Mexico Democratic Party needs to know what is happening on the national level because you’re not going to get that from local publications,” Gallegos said. “You’re only going to get that from the DNC representatives.”

By Cody Begaye
Sun Correspondent