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Thieves at construction site

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Construction sites have been frequent targets of thieves in McKinley County who want to acquire items they can sell easily.

A good example of this occurred on Oct. 22 as McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Paul Davis Jr. traveled to Carbon Coal Road about 8 am to investigate a report of a break-in of a U-Haul that a construction company had been using to store equipment.

When he got there, he met Jose Danilo and Jeyson Fraticelli, employees of Thompson Pipe Group. They escorted him to a location about a quarter of a mile away where they had left a U-Haul overnight.

Davis said when he got there, he saw the back loading door open and construction equipment scattered all around the vehicle. Two black steel buckets had been thrown from the truck.  The Master padlock they used was found near the buckets about 25 feet away.  It showed signs of having been cut by a tool. Davis was told that the U-Haul was locked when they left it at 7 pm the evening before.

About $3,400 worth of glass pipe was missing from the U-Haul.

Davis said he took some items as evidence to check on the possibility of fingerprints. He also took photos of footprints that could be seen around the U-Haul.