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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, Oct. 20

Three inmates at McKinley County Detention Center likely made their situation worse by causing property damage.

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Clayton Etsitty was dispatched to the jail and met with Sgt. Adam Berg, who stated a security safety light had been taken and dismantled by Caleb Samm, 27, no address given; Colton Whiteman, 31, no address given; and Jose Estrada, 38, no address given.

According to surveillance footage, the trio had worked together to take one of the light fixtures off the wall and removed components from the light to retrieve a battery.

When the inmates were questioned about the incident, they denied any involvement. No other information is available.



Gallup, Oct. 19

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Jeremy Shirley had finished a call in Gamerco and was driving north on Chino Loop when he noticed four floodlights at Navajo Tractor and Trailer Sales, 221 U.S. Hwy. 491, were blinking on and off.

Shirley told Metro Dispatch he was going to investigate the area on foot. When he approached the chain link fence to the west of the building, he found a hole and determined someone had recently cut it.

MCSO Deputy Roane Alan arrived on the scene and the two investigated the premises. While looking around, Shirley noticed one of the vehicles, a white Ford pick-up truck, had no window. When he looked inside, he saw a screwdriver and the vehicle’s ignition cylinder on the middle seat. Shirley determined someone had tried to start the vehicle with the screwdriver.

Shirley also noted the steering wheel and screwdriver both had smudged fingerprints on them.

Shirley and Alan found no other damages to the premises. Metro Dispatch called the owner of the business, Terry Hamilton, who said the Ford truck was bought at a vehicle auction and was not damaged, as far as he could remember.

There are no suspects. There is also no cost estimate for repairs to the chain link fence or vehicle window.



Gallup, Oct. 18

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Ben Benally was dispatched to Joe Mama’s Mexican Wall Mart, 263 N. Hwy. 491, in reference to a breaking and entering report.

Benally made contact with the caller, Joseph Garcia, who told him one of the buildings on the premises had a broken window and another building had a damaged doorjamb.

Jesus Robles, also at the scene, told Benally some of the vehicles onsite had been ransacked, with one having a damaged door, but nothing appeared to have been taken.

Benally noted two broken windows in one of the portable office buildings and the damaged doorjamb on another, and concluded  someone had tried to break in.

There are no leads or suspects.