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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Yah-ta-hey, Oct. 4

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Shirley was dispatched to a residence on North Cle Ki Drive in Yah-ta-hey in reference to a domestic dispute.

Shirley made contact with Kesha Singer, who showed signs of injury, including swollen features on her face and dried blood on her face and hands. At first, she told Shirley nothing had happened to her.

After Shirley called for a Medstar unit to evaluate Singer, she admitted her husband, Donavon Singer, 28, of Yah-ta-hey, had punched her in the face eight times.

Singer told Shirley she and her husband were driving home from Gallup earlier in the evening when he got mad and started hitting her out of the blue. She said he had been drinking miniatures of 99 Pineapples when he abused her.

When they got back to their residence, she said she crawled inside the house and planned to call Donavon’s mother. He then left the residence in a gray 2016 Dodge Dakota.

Shirley did not make contact with Donavon, but wrote up an arrest warrant for battery against a household member.



Gallup, Oct. 4

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Shirley had cleared a call on Torrivio Mesa and was about to leave the area when he was waved down by a man driving a black truck.

The man, identified as Gary Langston, said he suspected someone might have stolen his horse out of his yard in August. The horse in question is a Palomino Quarter, bronze in color with a blonde platinum tail and mane, and answers to “Missy.”

Langston said the horse roamed on his 17 acre property and was fenced in. He said he came home Aug. 26 and could not find her. He suspects someone might have opened the gate, which has no lock, and taken the horse out. Langston has searched for the horse since, but to no avail.

While “Missy” has no brand, Langston said her tail is offset to the right because of a previous injury. He estimates the horse’s value is at least $7,500 since she came from a strong background.



Gamerco, Oct. 3

An Albuquerque man is facing aggravated battery and false imprisonment charges following an altercation in Gamerco.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Davis Jr. was dispatched to the 700 block of Portal Street in reference to a subject threatening a local resident, Belinda Rios.

When Davis arrived at the scene, he made contact with the male subject, Robert Baker, 47, who was pacing around in front of the residence and looked upset. Davis made contact with Rios, who was inside a vehicle parked in front of the residence, who said she had called in the incident.

Rios said she had known Baker for about a year and they previously had a relationship. He was supposed to be cleaning her yard, but he went inside the residence and confronted her. She said Baker had tried to strangle her, but she managed to get away and call 911.

She said Baker told her he had a grave ready for her, which she took as a threat on her life. A medical unit was called for Rios, and Davis investigated the scene. He found signs of a struggle in the bedroom.

Baker was placed under arrest and transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center for booking.