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Archie Martinez

Aug. 30, 3 pm

Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Jeremy Shirley said he was dispatched to Twin Buttes Road in connection with a car that had driven off the road with the driver passed out behind the wheel.

When he got to the scene, he found Archie Martinez, 46, of Indian Wells, passed out in the driver’s seat. When he woke him up, he said Martinez said something to him, but he was slurring his words so much he couldn’t be understood.

He asked Martinez to get out of his car, but when he did, he had so much trouble keeping his balance that he had to be helped. He was asked how much he had to drink and said nothing. But when Shirley pointed out that he could smell liquor coming from him, Martinez said he only had one can.

When asked if he would take a standard field sobriety test, Martinez said, “I don’t think I should.” He wouldn’t respond when asked if he would take a breath alcohol test, which Shirley took as a refusal.

Shirley placed Martinez under arrest. He was booked into the McKinley County Detention Center. Shirley was unable to find vehicle insurance or a valid driver’s license for Martinez.


Brent Brown

Aug. 29, 9:58 pm

Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Christopher Escamilla said he was working a sobriety checkpoint on Highway 118 when Brent Brown, 26, of Breadsprings drove up and was told to stop.

Escamilla reported that Brown stared blankly and jerked the vehicle as he stopped. When he responded, Escamilla said he slurred his words and had problems putting his car into park.

When asked for his driver’s license, he gave Escamilla his bank card. He was asked to get out of the car. Brown asked why, saying he had not done anything.

Brown was asked if he had consumed any alcohol and he said no. Escamilla pointed out he could smell liquor. But Brown still claimed he had not been drinking.

Brown agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests, but continued to ask why, since he had done nothing wrong. When asked if he would take a breath alcohol test, all he would say was he wanted his lawyer.

He failed the test and was charged with DWI. He was also booked on two arrest warrants. Metro dispatch confirmed two outstanding warrants, one out of New Mexico and one out of Arizona.


Sidney Davis

Aug. 20, 1:17 am

Aggravated DWI. (1st offense)

Sidney Davis, 19, of Gallup, was stopped by police after being observed driving without a seat belt.

When Gallup Patrolman Harland Soseeah first saw him, he was standing outside his car having a hard time keeping his balance. When asked how much he had to drink, he responded at first by saying one bottle, but later admitted he also had a shot of 100 proof.

He agreed to take a standard field sobriety test which he failed, and was then arrested for DWI. When asked to take a breath alcohol test, he said he wanted independent testing.

But when he was told he would have to find a doctor to administer it and he would have to pay for it, he said he didn’t want an independent test. He also refused to take a test given by police.


Kyle Mariano

Aug. 25. 4:37 pm

Aggravated DWI

Kyle Mariano, 25, of Thoreau, was stopped when a police officer saw his car weaving on the highway.

When Gallup Patrolman Jason Walley first saw him, he was standing outside his vehicle. Walley said he noticed Mariano showed signs of being intoxicated and asked how much he had to drink that night.

Mariano said a pint of importers. He agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests and failed. He later took a breath alcohol test and posted two samples of .27.


Hannah McKinley

Aug. 27. 6:53 pm

Aggravated DWI

Hannah McKinley was stopped on South Second Street after being observed going into the opposite lane.

When Gallup Patrolman Joe Roanhorse first saw her, she was sitting on the curb of the sidewalk. When she stood up, he said she staggered toward his police unit and showed other signs of being intoxicated.

She admitted drinking two cans of “camo” earlier in the day. A search of her car found a half empty van of Four Loco in the center console.

McKinley agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests and failed, resulting in her arrest for DWI.

At the time, another officer was investigating a report of a hit and run accident at the Sports Page and the investigation uncovered that the car was the one involved in that accident as well, hitting a parked car.

She agreed to take a breath alcohol test, posting samples of .23 and .22.

Among her other charges were: accident involving vehicle damage and possession of drug paraphernalia.