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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Thoreau, Sept. 1

McKinley County Sheriff Sgt. Anthony Morales has no problem identifying the man sitting under the tree. It was Joshua Jason Jim, 26, of Thoreau, a man who had had several dealings with sheriff ‘s deputies in the past.

On this occasion, Sept. 1 at about 6 pm, Morales had gone to the Speedway Gas Station in Thoreau in response to a call about a man trying to fight with customers.

Morales said he told Jim to stand up, but he ignored the command. Morales said he observed several signs that Jim may have been intoxicated. When Morales again told him to stand up, he did and Morales escorted him to his police vehicle .

As he attempted to place handcuffs on him, Morales said Jim spun around and attempted to punch him. Morales said he then pushed Jim toward his unit and attempted to gain control, but Jim made another attempt to punch him in the face.

Once again, Morales said, he backed away and avoided being hit. Morales said he then used his right knee to strike Jim’s left thigh, causing him to double over. Morales said he was then able to take him to the ground and as he did, Jim landed on his back and his head hit the ground.

He was then able to place Jim in handcuffs. Since he was bleeding from the head, Morales called for an ambulance. Morales said he then attempted to pat Jim down for weapons as he continued to resist by trying to kick him. He then placed Jim back on the ground on his stomach.

Jim continued to resist as they waited for the ambulance. He was still belligerent when the ambulance came. Medical personnel examined Jim and gave him a medical clearance at which time he was transported to the county jail and charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.



Gallup, August 29

McKinley County Deputy Gilbert Padilla said he was dispatched to the area of Jefferson and Metro avenues about 4 pm on Aug. 27 in connection with a report of a man being assaulted.

When he arrived, he found a man near a large boulder with dried blood on his face. He gave his name as Darren Spencer, but Padilla said it was later determined not to be his name. He was reported to have been highly intoxicated and when asked his name, he kept saying Darren Spencer.

Padilla said he later learned his right name, but it was not included in Padilla’s report. Padilla said he was never able to get any kind of information from the victim as to who attacked him.



Ramah, Aug. 29

The pastor of the First Baptist Church in Ramah reported to the sheriff’s office that he found a group of youngsters inside the church on Aug. 29 after services were over, apparently smoking narcotics.

David Gibbons said the kids ran when they saw him, but he was able to catch them and take them home. They had apparently gotten into the church through a back window.

Gibbons said they ate some ice cream from the kitchen, but nothing else was missing and no damage was done. Gibbons said he would have to talk with his supervisors before deciding whether to press charges.



Gallup, Aug. 27

McKinley County Sheriff Sgt. Tammy Houghtaling was in the area of Vito Park in Gallup at about 9 pm, Aug. 27, when a man approached her and said he had been jumped by a group of men.

She identified the man as Leon Warner Jr., 30, of Standing Rock. Houghtaling said he never said how many men jumped him and he said he didn’t know any of them. Since he was bleeding in the facial area, he was transported to a local hospital.

No suspects were ever located.



Gallup, Aug. 17

A confrontation with a security guard at Lowe’s downtown resulted in battery charges being filed against a Gallup woman Aug. 17.

A security guard for the Uptown Lowe’s, Leocita Garcia, told police she was dealing with an intoxicated woman who refused to leave the building. While dealing with this matter, she said another woman came up to her and pushed her, causing her to almost lose her balance. Garcia stated that she was 2-3 months pregnant.

She gave police a description of the woman and police found that woman nearby. She was identified as Shauntana Cleveland, 20. She admitted pushing the security guard and said she did it to protect her cousin, who was the intoxicated woman Garcia was trying to get to leave the store.

When Cleveland was booked on battery charges, police found out that Cleveland also had an active warrant out for her arrest.



Gallup, Aug. 17

A Fort Defiance man was charged with aggravated battery after getting into a confrontation with two area residents in the parking lot of Burger King north, 801 U.S. Highway 491 on Aug. 17.

Broderick Smith of Kaibito told police that he was eating food with a friend when a man came up to him and started behaving belligerently towards them.Smith said he knew the man but couldn’t remember his name.

Smith said he was getting up when he saw the man pick up a wooden stick and take swing at his head. He said he used his arm to block the swing. The man then fled the scene. Using Smith’s description, police were able to find the man nearby.

He was identified as Fordancio Cleveland, 32. He confessed to hitting Smith with a wooden stick. Police said a search did not come up with the wooden stick.

Cleveland said Smith had a knife. Police went back and searched Smith, but could not find a knife.

Cleveland was arrested and taken to the county jail.



Gallup, Aug. 17

Gallup police were dispatched to the 600 block of Dani Drive about 11 pm on Aug. 17 because of a report of a possible stabbing.

When they got there, they found Abel Platero who was reportedly highly intoxicated and bleeding heavily from the head. He was asked who hit him, but he refused to say anything, yelling, “You guys aren’t going to help me.”

He was taken away by an ambulance, still refusing to say what happened.

As Platero was being interviewed, Terrell Shorty, 21, came out of a nearby building carrying a bloody crutch which he threw into the trash. He also appeared to be highly intoxicated and had blood on his clothes. He was placed in a police unit.

At that point, a 7-year-old boy was inside the house. He told police that Shorty and his friend had a fight.

Police entered the apartment and found blood in the kitchen and on the stairs. They also found empty vodka bottles.

The young boy gave police the cell phone number of his Aunt Terri who was out. They called her and she came back and said she left her nephew with Shorty. She said Shorty had not been drinking when she left. But she said a bootlegger lived a couple apartments down, so when people need alcohol they know where to go.

Shorty was charged with abandonment of a child and transported to Gallup Indian Medical Center for a medical clearance and then booked into the Gallup McKinley County Adult Detention Center.



Gallup, Aug. 16

Gallup Patrolman Jason Walley said he was dispatched about 1 pm on Aug. 16 to the 1200 block of Maloney Street in connection with a domestic dispute.

When he got there, he talked to Joel Rodriguez who told him that his girlfriend, Felicia Gomez, 36, of Gallup came to his place of employment and began harassing him. He said he took her outside and she began cursing at him and then pushed him and slapped him.

Walley said he could also see teeth marks on Rodriguez’s left wrist and scratches on his left forearm. Rodriguez’s shirt was torn and on the ground.

Gomez, who had no visible injuries, said she came to see her boyfriend to find out why he had not fixed her car.

Walley said another officer who was first on the scene said he saw Gomez take a swing at Rodriguez.

Based on that information, Walley charged Gomez with battery on a household member and took her to the county jail.



Gallup, Aug. 15

A Gallup man was arrested on Aug. 15 after reportedly assaulting two staff members at the Gallup Indian Medical Center.

Samuel Price, 50, was charged with two counts of assault on health personnel.

A security guard at the hospital, Arthur Jimm Jr., said he heard someone screaming and came to her aid. The nursing assistant Robyn James said Price had been making inappropriate comments about her appearance and that he also peeked into a room at a patient. James  said she was helping Price back to his bed when he grabbed her leg above the thigh.

Arthur Jimm Jr. said when he came into the room, he saw Price holding James’ shirt near the collar. He said he got between them and Price then swung at him, hitting him on the left shoulder. He said that Price then grabbed his shirt and spit in his face, hitting him in the right eye. The security guard added that Price had grabbed another nursing assistant two days before.

Gallup patrolman Caleb Kleeberger arrested Price on two counts of battery on a healthcare worker. Price was booked into the McKinley County Adult Detention Center.

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