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Revamps in store for five Gallup neighborhoods

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Some snags along the way

The Whole Block Construction Project, which began Aug. 27 in Gallup, is a facelift that will include retrofitting five existing neighborhoods.

At a meeting of the City Council June 25, neighborhoods to receive this upgrade were selected based on ratings of the conditions of entire blocks and what would be needed to bring them up to code and provide handicap access.

The five areas determined to receive this work are:

l Marguerite Franco Street including a segment of Wilson Avenue;

2 Bike Park periphery including South Cliff Drive and Mesa Avenue;

3 Church Rock Street west from Toltec Drive to Tocito Drive;

4 Linda Drive including Nizhoni Boulevard segment; and

5 Viro Circle south from Aztec Avenue. to Copper Avenue.

Bids were opened for the subject project on May 21. There was only one bidder. H.O. Construction of Albuquerque, N.M. submitted a total bid for $1,690,855.

City Manager Maryann Ustick explained that this type of project, which has to be accomplished in phases, is challenging because it will take place in existing neighborhoods and will require meetings be set up with each neighborhood.  It will also mean taking weather issues into consideration.

In the agenda, some of the challenges of this project are explained in detail, including the need of a contractor to mobilize and demobilize in five different neighborhoods.  Affected property owners will require personal hands-on communication and coordination. Roadway and driveway grades will call for constant adjustment to prevent problems or storm drainage issues.  Sidewalks will require ADA compliance.  And local traffic control must be maintained.  Because neighborhoods will be disrupted, that inconvenience will require continuous on-site management.

The single phase involving Marguerite Franco Street will cost $292,478.

The project was budgeted in the city’s community improvement plan.  But the project budget is still short $550,000 of its entire price tag.

To make up for the shortfall, city staff has proposed:

Taking $250,000 from the balance of Fund 202;

Taking $300,000 from the General Fund balance.

A recommendation  was made to Award DePauli Engineering and Surveying $196,786.70 including NMGRT for construction management and quality assurance services and to Award H. O. Construction $1,831,407.32 including NMGRT for reconstruction of the street curb, gutter, and sidewalks in the five aforementioned neighborhoods.

Beth Blakeman
Associate Editor