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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, June 21

After being advised that two inmates had gotten into a fistfight and one of them wanted to file a complaint against the other, McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Ben Benally was dispatched to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center.

When Benally met with Damon Williams, 23, of Gamerco, he was told that Brian McIntire, 33, of Carlsbad, was talking harshly towards Williams the night before, and that he was assaulted by McIntire when he stood up to him.

Correctional officers intervened, and Williams left with a scratch on his face with no other indicated injuries.

Benally spoke with McIntire about the incident, but McIntire did not cooperate with Benally.

No further action was indicated on the report.


Gallup, June 19

The bustle of the Gallup Flea Market means that things can be overlooked sometime, as one person recently found out.

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Jeff Barnhurst was advised that a male was going to come into the department and make a report that someone had given him a counterfeit $100 bill.

The victim was at the flea market on June 15 selling items like tires and DVDs. Several days later, he returned to Gallup to pay a bill with the money he made at the flea market, and that’s when he realized the $100 bill was fake.

With the busy state of the flea market and how many transactions he had made, the victim had no idea who the culprit could be.

No suspects are known at this time.


Gallup, June 19

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Gilbert Padilla was dispatched to one mile west of the Mendoza Road and Nizhoni Boulevard intersection to assist Gallup Police Department.

Upon arriving, Padilla met Officer Timothy Hughte, who had responded to an incident on Mendoza wherein a woman said she had been chased off the road and assaulted with a knife, and was eventually transported to Gallup Indian Medical Center.

Padilla described a white Chevrolet parked off the side of the road with both front doors open and various items scattered on the floor of the vehicle. The driver’s side windshield had been damaged as well.

After making calls to have the vehicle picked up, Padilla met with the victim. He was told that the victim had been driving on Mendoza when she felt a jolt, from something hitting her vehicle from behind, and her vehicle went off the road.

Upon stopping, the victim said the door was opened and an unidentified male wearing a ski mask and black clothes brandished a knife and hit her in the face. A second unidentified male, with black shirt, blue jeans, and ski mask, was standing behind the vehicle. Then there was an unidentified female, with a red sweater, Nike-style shoes, and black hair tied in a ponytail, rummaging through the front of the vehicle.

The victim said the three assailants spoke to each other in the Zuni language, and eventually drove off eastbound on Mendoza in a white sedan, possibly a Pontiac, with dark tinted windows, stock rims, and yellow license plate.

Afterwards, the victim was seen by a doctor and released from GIMC.


Pinehaven, June 18

A male resident of Pine Garden Drive was getting ready to leave home about noon when he realized a wooden console in the back of his pickup truck was missing.

The male drove to the intersection of Pine Grove Drive and Pinehaven Road, where he spotted the console lying by the side of the road. The console was broken with its top part missing, and two handguns were gone.

One was described a 9mm Tanfolia TZ 75 with wooden grips and flames engraved on the grips. The second was identified as a Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver. The handguns are valued at $500 and $200 respectively.

No other information is available at this time.


Gallup, June 9

Several missing items from the backyard of a Rosita Street resident and a suspicious person leaving the area were the details given to McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Cecil Sanders when he arrived.

After making contact with the victim, Sanders was told the victim had seen someone rummaging in her neighbor’s yard. This person then left the area on a small four-wheeler with a handful of items in their possession.

The victim checked the shed in her yard and found the two-by-four glass window on the shed was broken and several items were missing from the inside.

According to the victim, the person on the four-wheeler drove north on Rostia Street then west on Hubble Street. No other information is available at this time.


Gallup, June 8

The afternoon turned violent for two subjects at the Gallup Flea Market, to the point where they had to be separated and one was detained by security.

When McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Jonathan Todacheene Jr. arrived, he spoke with a flea market vendor who said that three men, including Francesco Bufano, 25, of Brimhall, had been harassing him at his sno-cone stand.

The three men then began to argue with each other, and Bufano rushed the vendor, knocking an ice chest to the ground in the process, and the two fought with each other.

Bufano picked up a silver hatchet used by the vendor for breaking the ice for sno-cones and came at the vendor again. Both subjects were eventually pulled apart by flea market security officers.

The vendor had sustained minor injuries while Bufano had minor scrapes on his left knee.

Bufano was transported to Gallup Indian Medical Center for clearance and then to McKinley County Adult Detention Center, where he was booked on aggravated battery charges.