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Weekly Police Activity Report

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Gallup, May 28

Officers Alana Bradley and Molina were called out around 2:15 pm to the Penny Pinchers after someone named Jamal reported two females and a male inside a red passenger car trying to cash a fraudulent check.  Jamal said there was a woman inside the store, and a woman outside with a male outside in a car.  The three left for the Taco Bell.

One of the women told Jamal that the woman in the car wrote the check and had her go inside to cash it. Jamal said he called to verify the check, learned that it was fraudulent and called 9-1-1.  Officer Molina notified Sgt. Wilma Seciwa and she told Molina to charge the woman in the car, Esmerelda Tapaha (no date of birth available) and the woman in the store, Candelaria Smith, (no date of birth available) with forgery.

Officer Bradley placed Tapaha under arrest and took her to the Gallup Indian Medical Center for a clearance, after she stated that she was pregnant. Then she was booked. Ms. Smith had a bench warrant and was booked on her warrant by J. Yazzie. Smith was found to have two glass pipes and a green leafy substance in her possession.



Gallup, May 25

At 5:11 pm, Officers Timothy Hughte and Jason Wally were dispatched to 736 Kevin.  When they arrived, they were informed that two children were at another address, 737 Rimrock. When they knocked and announced themselves, two small children opened the door.  The officers looked inside and saw two adults passed out on the couch.

One of the children was the daughter of Bernadette Etsitty, 38, one of the adults on the couch.  The other was related to the incident at 736 Kevin.  Several open containers of alcohol were found in the house within reach of the children. The living conditions were described as having clothing on the floor of all three bedrooms and towels piled up in a bathroom.

A second front entry to the house was open and unsecured. Etsitty’s oldest daughter was called to the scene to pick up her younger sister. The intoxicated woman was taken for a medical clearance.  She refused a breath test.  She was transported to the McKinley County Detention Center and booked.



Gallup, May 24

Officer Daniel Brown was dispatched to Rico’s Auto at 501 W. Coal Ave. in reference to a report that a number of vehicles had been broken into and damaged..  The Service Advisor at Rico’s said the vandalized vehicles were in the service lot.  He said he noticed the damage in the morning when he arrived at work.

Logged into evidence were numerous items found in a backpack from condoms to pill bottles, even notices of court fines.  There was also a large rusted wrench found on the ground next to one of the damaged vehicles.  It had glass shards all over it.

Thirteen vehicles were damaged and 11 of those may have been burglarized.  The owners of the vehicles were not on the scene.