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Former police officer sounds off on NRA, guns

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Well if you have read my past letters about the NRA this should be of some interest to you. Per my last letter I did not like Mr. Oliver North asking for 2 million dollars to fight the incoming politicians when he and Mr. Wayne La-Pierre are already millionaires. North said we has 6 million NRA member’s, then all we had to do was have everybody pitch in one dollar.

I was not happy. I have pitched more than my share and where was everybody else including North & La-Pierre? Well today according to Reuters news report North is stepping down from the NRA and La-Pierre is accusing North of trying to blackmail him. The New York Times reported Saturday the New York AG Letita James opened an investigation into the groups tax-exempt status as well as wanting their financial records via subpoenas.  When North was appointed president of the NRA La-Pierre hailed North as “a legendary warrior for American freedom, a gifted communicator, and skilled leader.” Guess they don’t like each other any more. When it comes to lots of money, many people who think the NRA is out to help them protect their 2nd amendment rights might want to think twice.

Speaking of thinking I guess our new governor needs to do a little thinking about her new back ground check gun law.  Why did she not exempt folks who have their concealed carry from this law, dose she not know they have had their background’s checked already?  Why were military, and retired police not exempt as well as immediate family? What about the transfer of firearms for short periods of time to family members or for safe keeping? What about groups like the Boy Scouts, Junior ROTC, Future Farmers of America, are we supposed to do a background check on all these kids every time we hand them a firearm to teach them gun safety?

The so called red flag law allowing someone to get a court order to take firearms away just because someone made an allegation you’re a risk? Talk about due process being thrown out the window and putting police officers at risk to collect firearms from angry people.

I am thankful I am now retired and will never have to face that problem. Courts in New Mexico already had the right to take guns from people along with restraining orders in domestic violence cases. So I guess voting all the these Democrats in was not such a good idea after all. Just for the record, New Mexico is number 4 with the most guns per ca-pita, and New Mexico earned the most dangerous state according to the FBI’s 2017 UCR report which considered the number of police per ca-pita and crime.  Maybe somebody might want to clue in our new governor, of course she gets state police protection around the clock.

Signed Mr. Harry L. Hall
Retired Police Officer
USAF Veteran
Life Member NRA