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Lyle J. Black

April 7, 4:20 am

Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Deputy Clayton Etsitty was on routine patrol near Speedy’s Gas Station in Black Hat on April 7 when he was approached by a motorist who said they had spotted an older model Dodge Ram truck traveling westbound in the eastbound lane of State 264.

Etisitty called into Metro Dispatch and then met with MCSO Sgt. Tammy Houghtaling, and the two made contact with the vehicle near 1084 Highway 264. The vehicle pulled into Speedy’s and stopped at the fuel pump and Black, 25, of Window Rock, exited the vehicle.

According to Etsitty, Black had bloodshot, watery eyes and responded “No” when asked if he had been drinking. Etsitty then asked Black if he wanted to perform the standard field sobriety test, but Black was hesitant. After assuring him the test was safe and that he was not forcing him to do it, Black agreed.

Throughout the test, Etsitty noted that Black was swaying while he stood and had trouble keeping his balance while performing the walk and turn test. He also had difficulty following directions, and a portable breath test provided by Houghtaling showed there was a presence of alcohol in the sample provided by Black.

Black was arrested and transported to the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office where he was given the breathalyzer test. He posted two samples of .21.

Natasha Billy

April 6, 2:06 am

Aggravated DWI (1st DWI)

Gallup Patrolman Darius Johnson was dispatched to 1501 Copper Ave. in reference to an accident call early on April 6, where a silver Pontiac four door had crashed into a light pole at the corner of Clark Street and Copper Avenue.

When he arrived, Johnson met with a witness who said that Billy, 30, of Gallup, was in a small dirt plot next to the sidewalk. She was trying to stand up, but failed to do so. When asked by Johnson if she was hurt, Billy responded that she was fine and just wanted to go home.

Johnson asked Billy if she had been drinking, and she responded she had three or four beers prior to driving. When asked whose vehicle was resting against the light pole, Billy said her friend was driving and that both the driver and her boyfriend had fled the scene. She said the vehicle was not hers.

Two witnesses near the scene stated that Billy had been behind the wheel when the vehicle crashed into the light pole, and she had fallen over as soon as she exited the vehicle. One witness said they had seen an unidentified male walking away from the scene.

Officer Justin Bailey arrived on the scene, and he and Johnson helped Billy to her feet. As they pulled her up, Johnson discovered several cans of beer on Billy’s person. Billy then admitted the car was hers, and had even more cans of beer inside. She refused to do the standard field sobriety test, as well as the breath test.

Billy was transported to the hospital for medical clearance because she admitted she was nine weeks pregnant. Along the way, she stated that she was forced to drink by her friends, as well as her boyfriend denying that the baby was his. She repeated obscenities to the police as she received medical clearance and was then transported to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center for booking.

Louvell Nez

April 6, 4:36 am


McKinley County Deputy Clayton Etsitty was dispatched to the 8 mile marker on Highway 264 early in the morning on April 6 in reference to a possible drunk driver who was asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle in the shoulder of the eastbound lane.

When he arrived, Etsitty noticed a red Chevy that had apparently been driving westbound, but drove over the road to stop on the eastbound shoulder. Etsitty then noticed a man asleep in the driver’s seat, and he and assisting Sgt. Tammy Houghtaling attempted to wake the man up.

After tapping on the window and announcing they were with the sheriff’s office, the driver, Nez, 25, of Window Rock, hesitated before complying with their instructions. As he turned off the ignition and exited the vehicle, Etsitty said he noticed Nez had trouble taking the keys out of the ignition and then had trouble keeping his balance as he stood up.

As Etsitty questioned Nez, he said he noticed the smell of alcohol coming from Nez’s person as well as Nez having bloodshot eyes. Nez admitted he had consumed unspecified alcoholic beverages prior to the stop.

Nez agreed to do the standard field sobriety test, but had trouble keeping his balance throughout. Etsitty placed Nez under arrest and transported him to the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office, where Nez was given the breathalyzer test. He posted samples of .18 and .17.

Shannon Calavaza

April 6, 3:04 pm

Aggravated DWI (1st DWI)

McKinley County Deputy Nocona Clark was dispatched to 1068 State Highway 602 in reference to a black Kia Soul in the parking lot of the Giant gas station in Vanderwagen on April 6. The person who called the vehicle into the sheriff’s office said the occupants were passed out.

As Clark made a traffic stop and approached the vehicle, she said she could hear the motor running. She tapped on the window of the driver’s side and Calavaza, 38, of Zuni, rolled the window down. As she did, Clark noticed an overwhelming smell of intoxicating liquor from inside the vehicle, as well as several open cans of beer in the central console.

Calavaza exited the vehicle and admitted she had been drinking that day. Clark noted that Calavaza had glossy, bloodshot eyes as well as a white froth on the corner of her mouth. Calavaza said she did not want to perform the standard field sobriety test because she knew she was intoxicated.

Calavaza was then arrested and transported to the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office and given the breath test, where she posted samples of .26, .23, and .24.

Roth Sneddy

April 5, 8:35 pm


McKinley County Lieutenant Eric Jim was on routine patrol on Highway 491 on April 5 when he was advised by Metro Dispatch that Gallup Police was in pursuit of a possible drunk driver on Ninth Street near the Gallup Flea Market.

Jim caught up with the black Pontiac passenger car near the three mile marker on U.S. Route 491, where the Gallup Police car pulled to the side and followed Jim as he continued to pursue the vehicle. Jim noted the vehicle was swerving in the left lane and was traveling about 70 to 80 miles per hour.

The pursuit continued to mile marker 10, at which point Jim had Metro Dispatch notify Navajo Police. At mile marker 11, the vehicle slowed and turned off the roadway, and then traveled eastbound on a dirt road and stopped at a resident about a quarter mile east from State Highway 264.

Jim exited his vehicle with his service weapon drawn and began shouting at the driver to exit the vehicle. He was backed by Officer Justin Bailey and Deputy Jeff Barnhurst of Gallup Police as he approached the passenger door, which had opened up. Sneddy, 64, of Twin Lakes, was crawling out of the vehicle onto the ground, where he was handcuffed by Jim.

As Jim placed Sneddy under arrest, he noticed a strong odor of intoxicating liquor coming from Sneddy’s person, as well as his bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech. Sneddy admitted he had too much to drink prior to driving, and that he did not stop his vehicle because he did not want it to be towed.

Sneddy refused to take the standard field sobriety test and was transported to the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office, where he also refused to take a breath test.