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Wednesday, May 22nd

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Mathew Jameson

March 4, 8:50 pm

Aggravated DWI (second offense)

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero said he had just finished a call at the Grand Canyon Trailer Park and was leaving when he noticed a vehicle at the entrance with his turn signal on but not moving.

As he came up to the vehicle, he noticed that the driver was passed out behind the wheel and the engine was still running. There was a woman passenger who opened up her door, allowing deputies to wake Jameson, 27, of Gallup, up to make sure he was all right.

As he was waking him up, Guerrero noticed two open bottles of liquor on the cup holders. He also recognized the smell of liquor coming off of his person. When he asked him to step out of the vehicle, he had to be helped because he was intoxicated, Guerrero said.

When he asked Jameson to take the standard field sobriety tests, he said Jameson replied, “Friend to friend, I am going to fail the test.” He then refused to take the test.

He was then arrested for DWI. He agreed to take a breath alcohol test and posted samples of .26, .29 and .25.


Leslie Wilson Jr.

March 3, 11:11 pm

Aggravated DWI. (Second offense)

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Paul Davis Jr. said he was dispatched to milepost 3 on U.S. Highway 491 because of a car stopped in the roadway causing a hazard.

When he got there, he found Wilson, 24 of Churchrock, passed out behind the wheel with the engine running. He knocked on the window and Wilson woke up. Davis said he looked at him and then went back to sleep.

Davis woke him up again and the same thing happened. On the third time, Wilson stayed awake and rolled down the window and Davis said he smelled the odor of liquor being emitted from the car.

Wilson said he was coming from Window Rock and admitted to drinking about an hour before he started driving to Gallup. He agreed to do field sobriety tests and failed and was arrested for DWI.

He also agreed to take a breath alcohol test and posted two samples of .21.