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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gamerco, Feb. 25

As soon as he got near the house on Ray Street in Gamerco near 1 pm on Feb. 25 and saw the blood on the driveway, McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Joseph Guillen knew someone had probably been injured.

He met Gilbert Rosales who said his son Chris had gotten into a fight and was laying down inside the house. Guillen went inside and found the son, who was bleeding with a swollen eye and possibly a broken nose.

Guillen said he asked him what happened and he refused to answer. The son was then asked if he wanted to press charges and he said no. He was then asked if Medstar shouldcome and examine him and he refused that as well.

Guillen said that because of the severity of the son’s injuries, he called Medstar and they came and they told him that he may have a fractured left orbital and a broken nose. They strongly recommended that he go to a hospital and have his injuries treated but he declined, saying he would go later if he didn’t feel better.

Gilbert Rosales told Guillen who else was involved in the fight but Guillen said he was not able to find that individual so no arrests were made.



Gallup, Feb. 24

An Albuquerque woman and a Tohatchi man have been arrested in connection with an incident that took place at a Gallup motel on Feb. 24.

Vanna Sam, 27, and Casey Yonnie, 32, were both charged with abuse of a child. Yonnie was also charged with resisting arrest and Sam was charged with criminal damage to property.

Gallup Police Officer Adrian Quetawki said he was dispatched to the Budget Motel about 7 pm on Feb. 24 for a possible domestic dispute.

When he got there, he said he saw Sam come down the stairs carrying a baby in her arms. He said he saw her get to fence surrounding the property and throw the baby over the fence to Yonnie who was on the other side. Sam reportedly told him to run.

Quetawki said he detained Sam while another officer pursued Yonnie and arrested him and got possession of the one-month-old baby.

The baby was placed in the police unit since it was 32 degrees outside and the baby was covered with only a thin blanket.

Quetawki said he then interviewed Sam and Yonnie to find out what was happening.

Sam said she and Yonnie began arguing and Yonnie threw her out of their room. She began screaming and pounding in the door to be let back in. She said she then began banging in the window and broke it.

She said she was then let in the room and given the baby. She was told police were on the way and left the room with the baby. When asked why she left the room, she said she was scared. When asked why she told Yonnie to run, she said she didn’t know what she was thinking.

Yonnie gave basically the same account, explaining that when Sam broke the window, he went to the front desk to report it and became scared when the clerk called the police.

The baby was transported to Gallup Indian Medical Center while Sam and Yonnie were taken to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center for booking.



Vanderwagen, Feb. 23

McKinley County Sheriff deputies are investigating a case of vandalism that occurred on Feb. 23 to a house on Sagar Street in Vanderwagen.

The owner of the house, Michael Bracken, said he and his wife were inside their residence about 7 pm when they heard something strike a window. When they went to examine the window, they found a BB that had been fired at the window.

A further investigation found three holes in the screen and Bracken told deputies that he noticed cars and ATVs driving up and down the road during the past three or four days. The occupants in the vehicles appeared to be shooting at the residences.

An investigation revealed that there were no tire tracks in the nearby fields so the shooting must have come from vehicles driving on the roadway. No suspects have been identified.



Gallup, Feb. 20

Felicia Begay of Gallup reported to Gallup Police on Feb. 20 that someone had broken into her vehicle by breaking one of the windows.

She said her purse and wallet was stolen from the vehicle as well as some jewelry. She said that when she called her credit card company she was told that a purchase for one dollar had gone through at Allsup’s Convenience Store at 4 am but two other purchases at other stores had been declined.

There are no suspects.



Gallup, Feb. 20

Gallup Patrolman Patrick Largo said he was dispatched to the Chuska Apartments on East Aztec Avenue about noon on Feb. 20 for a report of a break-in.

Lenora Kinlicheene told police she found her apartment had been broken into when she returned home after two days of visiting a relative.

She said she found a bottle of vodka in her trash and when she checked her bedroom, she found all her clothes in her closet missing. She said she also found the back door unlocked and that she remembered locking all of her doors before leaving.

She gave police the name of a suspect but so far no arrests have been made.



Gallup, Feb. 20

Gallup Police received a report of a stolen white Dodge pickup on Feb. 20.

Gallup Patrolman Richard Rangel said he later spotted a pickup matching the description of the stolen vehicle and made a traffic stop.

The driver was identified as Benjamin Brown, 23, of Scottsdale, Ariz. He said a friend had loaned him the vehicle earlier in the day and he was not aware it had been stolen.

He was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle.



Gallup, Feb. 20

Gallup Police are investigating the break-in of a vehicle that occurred on Feb. 20 in the parking lot of the Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital.

The complaining party, Rena Jim, said she allowed her son to use the pickup to take his girlfriend to the hospital and it was broken into. Among the items stolen was a stereo radio.

She said she and another nurse at the hospital looked at a video surveillance of the parking lot and saw a woman park next to her pickup. They watched as she got out of her car and went into the bed of the pickup and open the sliding windows on the back of the pickup.

The woman was seen leaving the pickup with items which she placed in her vehicle before entering the hospital and leaving a little time later.

Police have asked for a copy of the video but so far no arrests have been made.