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GPD’s tips to guarding against vehicle burglaries

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Within the past few weeks the Gallup Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies have investigated numerous vehicle burglaries, GPD Capt. Marinda Spencer said in a press release. Some arrests have been made and other arrests are anticipated, as this is an ongoing investigation.

Vehicle burglaries are one of the most preventable crimes, Spencer explained.

“The vehicle burglaries that are occurring in the Gallup area are occurring at night, in people’s own driveways or on the street out in front of their homes,” she said. “There are also reports of vehicle burglaries in hotel parking lots. Park in well-lit areas.”

Vehicle thefts are on the rise. Most of the Gallup Police Department’s calls for vehicle theft are due to leaving the vehicle unattended as they are warming up. With the lower temperatures and frosted windshields comes opportunities for criminals to steal your vehicle. Sometimes locking your car doors is not enough. Remain with your vehicle as it is warming up.

Spencer gave some pointers to follow:

At home, park your vehicle near porch lights. If you cannot park in a garage, install motion detection lights, which will illuminate your driveway at night.

Remove all valuables from your vehicle. If you can’t take personal property with you, lock items in your trunk. Do not place them under your seat.

Do not leave any mail in your vehicle. These items have your name, address and possibly contain personal financial information.

Always lock the doors to your vehicle, even when you are away for a short time.

As always, be vigilant and watch for persons looking in vehicles and checking for open doors. Report all suspicious activity in Gallup to the Gallup Police Department at (505) 722-2002.