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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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Gallup, Jan. 21

A Gallup man reported being assaulted with a hammer Jan. 21 when he was walking on Marguerite Street.

The victim said he was walking near Lowe’s west side at about 10:30 p.m. when a man who had a bandana over the bottom portion of his face approached him and hit him over the head. He said he thought at first the object was an axe, but realized later it was a hammer.

He said after he was hit, he pushed the man away and he fled.

Police looked for the suspect without success. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.



Gallup, Jan. 21

Officials at the Jefferson Elementary School are reporting that tens of thousands of dollars of equipment are missing.

The items include a number of computers and printers that were purchased as far back as 2005.

Officials at the school said the items were reported missing after the school did an inventory and it was possible that because of the new construction that the items were destroyed during destruction of the building.

Gallup Police Capt. Marinda Spencer said Thursday that the police department was still in the process of trying to determine if the items were just lost, stolen or missing. No arrests have been made.



Gallup, Jan. 19

A Sundance man was arrested Jan. 19 for assaulting a health professional at the Gallup Indian Medical Center.

According to police, Fernando Largo, 28, was arrested after he reportedly struck a nurse in the face with the palm of his hand. The nurse told police that she was taking Largo in his bed for a medical exam when he jumped up and punched her in her face.

Police woke up Largo and asked him what happened and he said he could not remember. He was placed under arrest and transported to the county jail without incident.



Gallup, Jan. 19

Managers at the T-Mobile store within the Rio West Mall reported Jan. 19 the theft of two Apple watches.

Clerks at the store reported seeing a man and woman, both dressed in black, come into the store. The clerks were helping other customers when they heard an alarm go off and saw the man and woman leaving the store.

One of the clerks followed the two as they left the mall and saw them get into a white Toyota Corolla. No arrests were made.



Gallup, Jan. 18

Duane Poulin, no age given, of Albuquerque, was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle after he was found driving a vehicle that had been reported earlier as being stolen from the Southwest Indian Foundation.

Officials at the foundation had reported that the 1992 white Ford Bronco had been stolen from the parking lot at the Gallup Cultural Center sometime during the night of Jan. 17. The vehicle had been donated to the foundation.

The vehicle was found about 4 pm Jan. 18 when Gallup Police Officer Adrian Quetawki saw the vehicle driving on Highway 66 and conducted a felony traffic stop. Two men and a woman were found inside the vehicle with Poulin in the driver’s seat.

Poulin was also found to have an outstanding bench warrant. One of the passengers, Srvin Billy, no age or community given, was also arrested for having an outstanding warrant.

Police are also investigating a report made at the same time by officials at the foundation for the theft of a projector and four speakers from the museum at the cultural center.

Police are looking into leads but so far no arrests have been made.



Gallup, Jan. 18

The Gallup Police Department is looking for a man who may have a thing for chainsaws.

Police were called to the Tractor Supply Company, 1308 Metro Ave., in reference to a complaint dealing with shoplifting.

A clerk at the store said a man came in Jan. 18, and started wandering around. The clerk said the man was known for coming into the store and stealing things so he watched him carefully. But eventually, the clerk said, he got distracted by a customer.

When he looked at the man again, the clerk said he saw him take a chainsaw from the discounted section and head toward the fire door.  He followed him out of the building and kept him in sight until he lost him in the area of Lotaburger.

Police also conducted a search of the area and were unable to find him.



Gallup, Jan. 16

An Iyanbito man was charged with fraud after he tried to cash a bogus Navajo Tribal check.

Gallup Policeman Timothy Hughte was dispatched to Duke City, 1512 East Highway 66, Jan. 16 because of a complaint of a man trying to cash a bogus check.

Management pointed him to a man who was still in the store and who had come into the store before to cash checks. Something about the check this time seemed off, however.

Hughte said he examined the check, which was from a tribal program and which seemed to have part of the routing number distorted. It was for $650.

He then met Coby Martinez, who said he got the check in the mail. He also said he had worked for the tribe’s summer employment program and thought that was why he had received the check.

Because the check appeared to have been altered, Martinez was placed under arrest and the check was taken in as evidence.



Gallup, Jan. 14

Gallup Police are investigating a report of a purse that was stolen at the Rehoboth McKinley Hospital Jan. 14.

The purse belonged to a Norman, Okla. woman who had been brought into the hospital’s emergency room. When she was admitted to the hospital, she found her purse missing. It contained $80 in cash and debit cards.

The police were contacted two days later when a check of the woman’s bank account revealed that the debit card had been used three times in the past two days. The first two attempts were declined but a purchase for $384 was approved.

Police have no suspects.