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Hailing from a Family of teachers

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Meet Camille’s Teacher of the Month: Ana Hudgeons

Ana Hudgeons, a history teacher from Gallup Middle School, is Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe Teacher of the Month for January 2019.

Hudgeons was nominated for the award by student council members she led on a trip to Gallup city offices, including the mayor’s office. She says that as the students stopped by Camille’s, some of them spotted the nomination box and put her name in.

“I was really surprised and excited [to be selected],” Hudgeons said Jan. 9.

Hudgeons says the students who nominated her said she was one of the teachers at Gallup Middle School who cared the most about their education and that she found ways to make her material engaging and fun.

In addition, she was praised for investing time in the school and community, and sharing new ideas and knowledge with her students.


When asked what led her to pursue teaching, Hudgeons points out that she comes from a family of teachers. She is a third generation teacher, starting with her grandparents who hailed from distant countries, including Italy.

Despite this, Hudgeons says she has deep roots in New Mexico, reaching back to when the state was just a territory. She says, in the past, other members of her family were educators throughout Gallup-McKinley County Schools.

Hudgeons attended GMCS throughout her academic career, from Roosevelt Elementary School to Gallup Middle School, and then graduated from Gallup High School in 2006.

She went on to the University of New Mexico - Gallup. The initial plan was to study dentistry, but she eventually changed her major to history. This led to a love of learning, which she hopes to pass on to her students.

Connecting with the Community

Ana and her husband Ryan established RAH Photography in 2015. Hudgeons took a photography class in her senior year at UNM-G, spurred by a lifelong passion. Her first printed works were sports shots, which then led to wedding photos, photos of newborns, and photos for high school seniors.

“We use [RAH Photography] to give back to the community,” Hudgeons said.

Taking pictures at local sports events enables students to connect with Hudgeons outside the classroom.  In telling her story she says, “I’ve been to some of the events, and some of the kids will say, ‘Hey, you’re the photograph lady.’”

What’s next?

Hudgeons’ goal with teaching at GMCS is to inspire the next generation of learners and educators.

“If they are inspired [to keep learning], I know I’ve done my job,” she said.

Hudgeons believes it is more than history lessons that students learn in class. Students learn life lessons through material that is engaging and relevant to them. “I want to show them how [history] ties into their past, so that they can better understand their future.”

Hudgeons wishes to express her appreciation to Gallup Middle School, the Gallup community, her family and husband, as well as city leaders for continuing to support education.

She adds that she hopes that hearing from students will inspire other teachers, present and former, to give back to the community as well.

Interested in nominating your favorite teacher for Teacher of the Month?

Contact Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe at (505) 722-5017 or stop by 306 S. 2nd St. in Gallup.

By Cody Begaye
Sun Correspondent