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Wednesday, May 22nd

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Letter to the Editor

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I am a mother and human rights advocate living in Gallup, New Mexico, a community struggling with addressing the legacy of uranium mining and the increasing impacts of climate change. As such, I constantly worry about the air my kids breathe and the environment they will inherit so I find it unacceptable that Acting Administrator Wheeler is weakening key parts of EPA’s rules to reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry.

With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recent report, Wheeler’s efforts to create a huge loophole for oil and gas companies amounts to an attack against humanity as it opens the door for these industries to pollute our atmosphere with methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and other toxic and smog forming pollution.

For my kids, and every family across the country, this is a step backward and does not represent the kind of leadership we need nor the legacy we want to leave behind.

Instead of weakening the EPA methane rule we need to keep them strong if we are going to have any chance at ensuring the survival of future generations.

With our water security issues and struggles with transforming disparities in food access in New Mexico, we are already feeling our unique vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. I wake up every day and advocate for stronger climate protections—understanding that in many ways, it’s too little too late. Our kids are already destined to inherit a planet in peril and the associated pressures this will have on our political, economic, and agricultural stability.

Instead of compromising for special interests, we must keep methane rules strong and intact—New Mexico families and future generations are depending on it.

Janene Yazzie

Gallup, N.M.