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Michelle Anderson 
Sept. 28, 3:15 am
Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Johnson Lee said he was dispatched to the T&R Gas Station north of Gallup on U.S. Highway 491 in connection with a report of a driver at the station who may have been intoxicated.

Lee said when he got to the station, he met the business’s security guard who told him he watched the car enter the station and saw the driver swerve as he was coming in. The driver then allegedly tried to turn around, and hit a cable barrier.

The vehicle was still at the station, so Lee said he went over to talk to the driver who was asleep inside the vehicle. He woke her up, and as he did, he said he smelled the odor of liquor coming from inside the vehicle.

Lee said he also observed vomit on the driver’s door and on her leg. The driver, who was identified as Michelle Anderson, 43, of Fort Defiance, Ariz., showed signs of intoxication, he said.

Lee said he asked her how much she had been drinking and she replied, too much.

When Anderson exited the vehicle, she staggered and failed to respond when Lee asked her several times if she would take field sobriety tests.

Anderson was arrested and taken to the sheriff’s office, where she agreed to take a breath alcohol test. She posted two samples of .16 and was then transported to the county jail.

Tyrell Begay
Sept. 25,  10:41 pm

MCSO Deputy Tammy Houghtaling said she was traveling south on U.S. Highway 491 when she noticed a vehicle speeding. She clocked it on her radar at 79 miles per hour.

She turned around and conducted a traffic stop at Hwy 491 and Francisco Pond. There, she made contact with Begay, 22, of St. Michaels, Ariz.

Begay told her he was on his way home and had to be at work as a wildland fire fighter at 7 am.

Houghtaling said she could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the car.

Begay said he was coming back from Albuquerque, and when Houghtaling asked him questions, she said he swore at her.

Houghtaling reported that she had Begay get out of his vehicle and sit on a guard rail. As he did, she said she observed him take something out of his left shoe and throw it into the nearby grassy area.

Begay reportedly said he had been drinking at a local restaurant with his crew and only had one drink.

He agreed to take a field sobriety test, failed and was placed under arrest. He was then placed in Houghtaling’s unit. He reportedly swore at Houghtaling again.

When they arrived at police headquarters, Begay accused Houghtaling of being a crooked cop and said he had been arrested in Dallas on drug charges after officers there planted drugs on him.

He agreed to take a breath alcohol test and posted two samples of .14.

A later search of the grassy area where he was seen throwing something only turned up a broken cigarette.

Shelbylyn Henry
Sept. 21, 4:57 pm
Aggravated DWI

MCSO Deputy Eric Jim said he was traveling eastbound on State Highway 264 when he observed a car coming from the opposite direction at a high rate of speed. He clocked the vehicle on his radar at 79 miles per hour.

The driver, Shelbylyn Henry, 26, of Chinle, Ariz., said she was heading home. Jim said he noticed she had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, so he asked her if she had been drinking. She reportedly responded she had one mixed drink before driving.

She failed a field sobriety test and was arrested. A breath alcohol test posted samples of .18 and .16.