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Alleged rapist wanted by Sheriff

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Jermiah Loley was booked into McKinley County Adult Detention Center on Aug. 13.

THOREAU – A Prewitt, N.M. man is wanted for rape – in legal terms – two counts of second degree criminal sexual penetration, aggravated battery, and two counts of intimidation of a witness.

The reported rape occurred on Aug. 4, in Thoreau, N.M. And McKinley County Sheriff's Office investigators are looking for Jeremiah Loley, 25.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim was returning home from grocery shopping with her child when she noticed a maroon vehicle parked a few doors down. She placed her child in the house, and went back to her car to retrieve her groceries when she was confronted by Loley. She asked him to leave and went into her house.

Later that evening, she heard a knocking on her bedroom window, and thought it was her brother's friends. When she went outside, Loley was standing there, saying he wanted to speak with her. She noticed he was intoxicated and asked him to leave. She watched him walk down the road and she returned to her house.

She then wanted to call her boyfriend, so she stepped onto to the porch again to get reception to make a call when Loley greeted her again. But this time he forced his way into her house, and allegedly choked and raped her on the couch. A rape kit confirmed that the victim endured unwanted, forced sexual penetration.

If you have information on Loley's whereabouts, call MCSO at (505) 722-7205.