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Pinedale woman dies en route to hospital

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The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a Pinedale woman who died on July 6 as she was being transported to a hospital. The police report on her death did not indicate any foul play was involved.

The body of Davina Bills, 32, has been sent to the Office of Medical Investigators in Albuquerque for an autopsy.

According to the police report, Sheriff Deputy Frank Villa Jr. was dispatched was dispatched to the 6.5 mile marker on State Highway 122 in reference to a woman who was believed to have died in the back seat of a vehicle while being transported to meet an ambulance.

Paramedics on the scene said they checked the body and could find no pulse.

Jess Martinez, who was identified as Bills’ boyfriend, told Villa that the two of them had stayed the night before in a shed behind his parents’ house located on the Old Windmill Trail. He said he went outside about 6:30 am to feed the horses and Bills was still in bed inside the shed.

As he finished feeding the horses, he said he saw Bills laying outside the front door to the shed. When he tried to pick her up, he said he heard her say “don’t,” but realized something was wrong. His parents came out to see what was happening and they decided to get in the car and start transporting her towards Thoreau after calling for an ambulance to meet them.

Villa said when he had a chance to look at Bills’ body in the back of the car, he noticed there was fluid coming out of her nose that looked like coffee grounds.

He said he also went back and looked around the shed where she spent the previous night but didn’t find anything that led him or a Navajo police officer who arrived at the scene that appeared to signify foul play.