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Seven Habits of the Self-Aware Leader

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Leadership McKinley, class of 2018, shares seven must-do habits to move your leadership to the next level. Developing self-awareness and knowing your team means forging connections that count. Self-aware leaders are more effective because they foster communication and invite feedback, make efforts to inform themselves and others, synthesize ideas, and take action.

It’s TIME to become self-aware and move your leadership to the next level!

Part 6: Giving Recognition

Contributor – Kaytaundra Francisco

“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition”

-Abraham Lincoln

Self-aware leaders know that honoring the contributions and accomplishments of their teams

is a guaranteed return on investment; you cultivate an interest in success. Leaders inspire others to push boundaries, test limits, rise above, and to pursue a common dream. Self-aware leaders realize that it is the value of one and the power of all that leads to success and we cannot do it alone. Practice humility in your leadership and share the spotlight with those deserving recognition.

Part 6 in a series of articles from Gallup-McKinley Chamber of Commerce Leadership McKinley class participants.