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St. Bonaventure Mission schools reeling from break-in

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Suspect(s) still at large

THOREAU, N.M. – The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of burglaries and vandalism that occurred this past weekend to schools within the St. Bonaventure Mission.

The damage was discovered early June 11 when custodians came to work.

When deputies arrived about 6:17 am, they were first directed to the mission’s pre-school where a window on the north side had been shattered. The double pane window is expected to cost about $1,500 to replace.

A search of the building revealed no other damage.

Next came the school’s gym where deputies found a white mesh window busted, and also found that one of the school’s fire extinguishers had been released and the yellow chemical was spread on the ground. That damage was estimated at $150.

A door to the principal’s office had been kicked inward. The ceiling tile in the physical education room was damaged as well and the report indicated that the suspects tried to pull it down, causing another $300 worth of damage.

Another broken window, valued at $150, was damaged in one of the portables. Another window of one of the portables, this one valued at $250, was also damaged.

The only things reported to have been stolen came from insider the lockers in the physical education building where shirts with the school’s colors were reported to be missing. There was no estimate on the value of the shirts.

Deputies said there were no witnesses to the vandalism. The structures damaged  did not have any video surveillance.