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Weekly Police Activity Report

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6/4, Gallup

A bomb scare was called in about 11 am to the Magistrate Court compliance office, located at 285 Boardman.

However, the caller said the bomb was at federal probation office, located on the north side of town.

The person who took the call said a soft-spoken woman called in the threat. She said by the time she thought to check caller ID all she could read was 505-715… And an attempt to pull up the number of the last call also failed.

The occupants of the building were evacuated and a search was conducted. No bomb was found.


6/1, Route 11-49

The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office assisted Navajo Police in investigating a vehicle crash that occurred on June 1 on First Canyon Road that included a fatality.

The sheriff’s office backup report indemnified the deceased as Grace Dehiya, with no age or  home town given. A passenger in the vehicle, who was not identified, was in severe pain and was taken to a local hospital.

Navajo Police are in charge of the investigation.


5/31, Gallup

On May 30, McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Nocona Clark was dispatched to a site near the state line where a man was waiting to report that his car had been stolen.

Sheldon Myers reported that he had picked up four men all dressed in blue as if they belonged to a gang. They started getting violent in the vehicle. He said, so he pulled over to get them to leave but instead they dragged him out of the vehicle and beat him up.

Clark noted that Myers, 37, appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

Myers said the man who beat him up was wearing all black but when reminded that he had said all of the men were wearing blue, he said all of them were wearing blue except the man who was wearing all black.

He also said that he was not driving the vehicle and had no idea who the men were. No suspects were located and the information about the vehicle was placed on a nationwide alert system for stolen vehicles.


5/30, Gallup

Gallup Police Officer Patrick Largo was dispatched to a residence on East Hill Avenue in reference to a report of a man having been assaulted with a baseball bat.

When he arrived at the address, he said he met with Steven Herrera who said he was out in front of his house with his children when his neighbor, Curtis Woods came up to him and complained about Herrera’s children scribbling with chalk in front of his house.

He said after they argued, his neighbor went back to his house and came back carrying a bat which he used to hit him on the head.

Largo said he checked Herrera’s head and found a two-inch laceration behind his ear. At that point, Woods was placed in handcuffs and transported to the county jail while Herrera was taken by medical personnel to a local hospital. Woods was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


5/30, Gamerco

McKinley County Sheriff deputies were dispatched on May 30 to a resident on Rosita street in Gamerco, in connection with a report of a house burglary.

The owner, Mario Ponce, said when he returned home that day he noticed his front door was open and some of his property had been scattered on the ground. When he went inside, he discovered that his big screen TV as well as his wallet were missing.

Inspecting his house, deputies discovered that several rooms had been ransacked and that it appeared the mattress has been placed on fire.

There are no suspects.


5/26, Gallup

Gallup Police arrested a Window Rock man on May 26 after police responded to a call of a domestic disturbance at a residence on Gomez Drive.

Tommy Livingston, 38, was charged with assault in a household member, abuse of a child and criminal damage to property.

Regina Bee told officers that she and Livingston began arguing and he began calling her names. One of the children began recording on her cell phone what was going on. Livingston reportedly grabbed the phone from the child and threw it to the ground and stomped on it.

One of the children told police that she went into the room and found Livingston on top of Bee and another child.

Livingston, when questioned, said Bee was giving him a hard time but denied he did anything wrong. He said he was planning to leave when Bee grabbed him. He also said his neck hurt so he was taken to a nearby hospital for a medical clearance before he was transported to the county jail and booked.


5/25, Gallup

The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office has been looking for a woman who took a car from an area car dealer and never came back.

Deputy Anthony Morales said he was dispatched to Joe’s Auto Sales, 302 South Second St., in connection to a stolen vehicle.

Management there told him that on May 25, a woman came into the dealership and asked to test drive a vehicle. She had an Arizona identification card giving her name as Cassandra Rose Begay.

She was required to leave the ID with the dealership and was allowed to take the vehicle on a test drive. Several hours passed and she did not return. The company notified law enforcement at that time that they believed the vehicle had been stolen.

Three days later, Salvador Chandez, who made the first report, said he learned from a friend in Arizona that he knew Begay lived in that area and the man was asked to keep an eye out for the vehicle.

Chandez said he also learned that she had been seen getting gas at the only gas station in Sawmill, Ariz. on May 28.

Morales said he called Navajo Police and asked if they would send someone to the woman’s address to see if the vehicle was there.

The sheriff’s office reported on May 31 that the vehicle has been recovered, but so far there have been no reports of any arrest in connection with this case.


5/10, Horse View Road

The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Navajo Police are investigating a report of a break-in north of Gallup in which the suspects fired shots at the homeowner.

The incident took place on May 10 at a residence on Horse View Road.

Macon Olguin said he had returned home about 8 pm when he noticed an unknown vehicle in his driveway. Thinking it may have belonged to someone who was visiting, he paid no attention to it until he saw someone run out of his home and duck into the back seat of the vehicle, which then sped away.

He said he followed it but when the two cars approached Yah-Ta-Hay, a man in the suspect car reached out of the window and fired several shots in his direction. He then stopped pursuing the vehicle and returned home and called police.

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Jeff Barnhurst was the first to arrive. He said Olguin reported a number of items having been stolen, including an iPad, an Xbox as well as some clothing.

Barnhurst then went inside and observed that the rooms had been ransacked and there were items that had been tossed on the floor.

Since this occurred on reservation land, the Navajo police were called and were to take over the investigation. As of the time of the report, there were no suspects in the case.