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Letter to the Editor: Navajo leaders must unite against Trump

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With just over 460 days in the Oval Office, approximately 146 stays at his personal properties and over 107 golfing breaks, Donald Trump (A.K.A. “John Barron” as stated to Johnathan Greenberg, ex-Forbes reporter on May 17, 1984) has set the Gold Standard for collusion with American enemies both foreign and domestic, the deliberate obstruction of justice and immoral conduct inappropriate of a sitting United States president.

Trump’s salacious cavorting with Russian hookers and their Golden Showers, along with American porn stars and 17 women (some even while they he was married to two other women and “First Lady” Melanija (Knavs) Trump) should call into question the direction he is taking America in with his inept, shamefully dysfunctional and disorganized administration.  MAGA now stands for “Married Adulterer Groping Approved”.

There are approximately 37 vacant U.S. Ambassador positions and no Secretary of State (yet); a plethora of unexplained terminations of White House individuals who did not fit Trump’s predator profile; zero adherence to international Rule of Law; constant attacks on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Media; and, his questionable instigated Tariff and Trade Wars that hurt America and allies economically.

Is it any wonder a record number of Republicans are fleeing Trump’s delusional circle of cohorts and unqualified hacks who cling to “executive privilege” while committing crimes against America?  They legitimize the recent claim by a fired former high-level law enforcement official who stated that Trump is “morally unfit to be president”.  These are possible reasons why Trump was not invited to the Royal Wedding and former First Lady Barbra Bush’s funeral although the possibility of an invitation to erect another Trump Tower in Russia will be coupled with his cozy ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While the U.S. Congress did not authorize Trump to bomb Syria, it has the power to protect the current investigation into his treasonous activities that undermine Democracy and further divide our great nation.  Trump it appears, thrives on fear and hate.  While America cheered when the Berlin Wall came down, his cultist devotes cheer when he diverts limited American financial assets to build a “Wall” that Mexico absolutely refuses to finance in the face of Trump’s campaign promises.

While the Navajo Nation’s “leadership” celebrated “Navajo Sovereignty Day” (on Tuesday, April 24, 2018) in Albuquerque (NM) over 150 miles away from our nation’s capital touting the 150th Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of 1868, I remember and honor our heroic ancestors who withstood the onslaught of a failed U.S. government and military attempt at the genocide of our Navajo people with the burning of cedar and solemn reflection of their courage.

Our present Navajo “leadership” should follow their example, especially when Trump has challenged tribal sovereignty by intending to make all Treaty provisions null and void under the lie that American tribes are not separate sovereign governments.  I sincerely hope they do not follow a “locked and loaded” U.S. president who doesn’t read and cannot write correct English and sets his misspelled and misguided White House policy via Twitter “Tweets”.

Mervyn Tilden

Church Rock, New Mexico