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Man shot in foot during robbery

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The McKinley County Sheriff’s Office is looking for three Native American men who participated in the break-in of a home in Gamerco and shot one of the occupants in the foot.

The incident occurred around 1 am April 11.

Andrew Howe, 27, who lives on Cascade Street in Gamerco, said he and Ashley Tom, 21, along with other members of the family, were up when someone knocked on the front door. As he answered it, he peeked out the door and was shot in the right foot.

Three individuals then came inside. One of them carried a gun. Howe said he fell to the ground as one of the men demanded whatever he had in his pockets. Howe told him he didn’t have anything. He said he them heard someone threatening Tom.

Howe described the man who shot him as being Native American, tall, skinny, wearing a blue sweater and a black bandana on his face. He was not able to describe the other two individuals.

He said the men then went into the kitchen and living room and began arguing with other members of his family. He said he heard more shots being fired.

The men then left the house and Howe said he locked the door. He told deputies that he did not know who any of the men were.

Tom told deputies the same story, that a man wearing a bandana came up to her and threatened to shoot her. He then went away. The family said two of the men got into a black SUV.

None of the other family members were injured. The reports did not state what was taken in the robbery.

Deputies began searching the area and found a man dressed in black walking a few blocks away. But when they asked Howe if he knew the man, he said yes and added he was not one of the men who broke into the house since he was not Native American.

Howe was transported to the Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital for treatment of his foot, which was not life-threatening.

Deputies were not able to find any of the suspects.