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Threats to GMCS

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Feb. 23, 2018

McKinley County Community Members,

Across the United States school districts are dealing with an increase in shooting threats toward their schools since the Parkland High School tragedy. Unfortunately, GMCS has not been excluded from these threats.

We take all threats seriously no matter how the threatening information comes to us. When a shooting or bomb threat is made we immediately call law enforcement and follow their lead on the investigation. If a student is found to be the perpetrator involved in the threat we will remove that student from our school and use the extant of the law to deter their reentrance. In addition, if an adult is found to be the perpetrator of a threat against our students we will use all legal resources to pursue action against that individual.

GMCS is continuously focused on increasing the safety of our schools. We have, and will continue, to implement preventative measures to protect our students, staff and community members. Over the past year we have done the following to help better protect our schools:

Continually working with law enforcement in improving our safety protocols

Requiring an increase in number of lockdown drills in schools

Increased number of security guards at schools

Installation of 3.2 million dollars in interior and exterior security cameras in schools, electronic and remote controlled exterior door security and significant increase in video access control to recognize visitors before opening elementary schools to visitors. We are already working to add more of these security devices this coming year.

Law enforcement has increased their presence at our schools.

In addition to these actions, we are continually looking for other ways to protect our schools. One of the most effective ways to protect our schools is to have all McKinley County residents alert to threats. If you witness any threatening behavior, then please contact the law enforcement authorities immediately.

We appreciate your support of our students and staff and want to thank you for your efforts in working together with us in supporting safety in our schools. We also appreciate our law enforcement fro the incredible support they provide to our schools and community.


Mike Hyatt